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  1. Hi guys, I don't know if anyone already asked about this, I see several amazing builders, I would like to know if anyone has already built Los Santos from the game GTA V or some part like Los Santos beach, something like this would be interesting, I saw that already they built Cyber City I thought it was amazing, and other real buildings too, if anyone is going to build it share images with us, that would be lovely.
  2. oh thank you very much ♥
  3. Hi guys I have a question about moving and rotating a merged piece of furniture, I'm sorry if someone already answered this, but I really couldn't find it. Well come on, I downloaded a kitchen set and when I went to rotate the cabinet it separated, it continued mixed but in separate parts, I had to fix it later piece by piece because I couldn't find another way, sorry for my English, but I had to use it google translator, hope someone can help me, thank you very much.
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    Hi guys After a while away I'm back, I got lost from some friends I'm not sure if they're still around, if I'm there I'll find it, kisses it's good to be back.'♥
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