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  1. With the new patch is the third time I've had this problem. I don't understand it. Does the download service run off a separate server? The last two times it's happened, it just magically works the next day. I guess I'll just keep this thread going in hopes that the devs will hear about this issue.
  2. It must have been some intermittent connection issue. I was able to redownload the game properly today and, other than one patch that took a while, the patching went quick and smooth.
  3. Wooooooooooooo. The new update has broken my game. So... the game wouldn't update after several tries. I just kept getting an error while updating message. Tried to run it as admin as well with no luck. Uninstalled the game aaaaaaaaaaand now the game won't download from their website. Network error every time. I've seen a few people who have had the same problem with past updates and it seems the only true fix is 3DX's next update. So am I SoL until then or is there a work around? It honestly sounds like there is a problem on 3DX's side but has anyone else had this problem tonight?
  4. I had to open the video in Youtube. I kept seeing the gif and it would weird me the fuck out. Haha
  5. I have not yet seen the video. I just wanted to say that the first gif of your signature is one of the creepiest things I've ever seen...
  6. 1) What games are you currently playing? I'm still trying to get through AC Unity and it's a terrible grind. Also playing a little bit of Evolve and PayDay 2 (Thanks Laina ) 2) What games are you looking forward ti during 2015? Too many... But MGS and Zelda are two of my favorite franchises growing up and they're both getting new games this year. I'm going to be like a little kid.
  7. I gotta be Mr. Nonsense/Mr. Silly because I just talk nonsense all day. But the quiz said I was Little Miss Sunshine :C
  8. If I'm not mistaken, if you hit the cum button when that happens, it'll fix it.
  9. Ginevra's signature makes it all better though.
  10. I'll be out of town D: Nevermind... Thought it said the 27th.
  11. The last time I let Pashion put candles on my ass!
  12. Santana


    On a side note... Slapass' gif xD
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