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  1. So i see that nobody even care... That is sad.
  2. DEAR MEMBERS OF 3DX,some people knows me,some not. But i want ask you all for help. Yes,i know times are not so good for all,but what happened to its worst thing ever. I lost my job and have big problems with money. And now can`t get any cause of COVID. Also can`t work in COVID centers too cause problems with health. Also my family members don`t want or simply can`t help me with that. Bank there i had payments and credit sended me in hell also. I really hope you all can understand my setuation and act adequately and wise. Everyone could be in same shit as me. I really hope you will listen to h
  3. Someone hacked this game and doing what ever he wants.IMHO
  4. streaming from programms as traktor dj:)
  5. Profiles still bugged by not opening.
  6. "Sorry,but i don`t want do shaman dances" Looks like nobody reading...
  7. how i can do that? i don`t have own personal server as you do. Mine is rented server.
  8. More correct:will see and will solve that problem:)
  9. After update 374 game radio lost ogg support.Thats only one audio formate wich is Traktor supports. Yes i know that someone will tell me:use transcoder and be happy. Sorry,but i don`t want do shaman dances:) I asking to gizmo and devs to bring back support of ogg. Of caurse if people of 3dx still wants to hear Dj Gene again. Its was Dj Gene with regards and hope for solving that problem:)
  10. But nothing about fixing streaming lool
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