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  1. ah so here you reveal yourself as JimmyJuice as if nobody actually knew that. Also I have never used your old Rocker alt name Jimmy whoever that might be. Also also who is Kitty? Actually couldnt care less. Finally I know The Madame is another JimmyJuice alt as SexyDiva, LexiMansfield, and 300 others. Chill out? The 80's are missing you Jimmy! Do you still say stuff like 'why dont you stay in your own lane?' Rock on bro! (googled that 80's reference which I am given to understand means something to boomers like you).
  2. good riddance JJ but sadly this is just another of your long and intricate tissue of lies. I'm sure you will be back in a very short time, could I suggest BreeLexi for your next alt? Of course all this depends on when you stop taking your meds again and how long that lasts .. experience suggests 6 months and you will be back hating on everyone again as per your normal med cycle.
  3. gizmo much as I prefer to refrain from posting on this illustrious forum I feel I must now add my voice to the growing cacophony of discontent being expressed here. I had a full evening of standing around zombie watching in cold rooms planned which your frequent and lengthy server downtimes has frustrated. I do not pay to watch a login screen inform me 'Too many attempts, try again later' I pay to watch desperate pervs cold me while I tell them 'Too many attempts, try again later'. Please sort this sad state of affairs out. Hugs and Kisses, Chloe.
  4. 23.5 hours max unless Im on vacation.
  5. forum is where we vent our frustration at the server being down and blame Alivia
  6. I blame you Alivia! How many times did we tell you no sex? See what the result is now?
  7. crash test passed. Could we have a server back online test now?
  8. Saturday has now become movie night I guess >.<
  9. Well I have just been told in world chat it may be down to the rochi dll, so try removing that if you are still having trouble. I have no idea if that is true or not but worth a try I suppose xD
  10. I connect the same way always, nothing has changed. Now that I got on everything is fine again. Problem is with the server as all the other posts above show too.
  11. I got many red box disconnects but eventually did get on again.
  12. oooh another awesome room by Alivia! Looking forward to seeing it very much <3
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