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  1. Your faith is rewarded. This time.
  2. Oh, my optimistic friend. I suspect this is not a scheduled update, but more... not.
  3. In hindsight, I now think these might have been the warning messages of a server that would soon crap itself.
  4. Yeah, but in real life if you make an error using the pose editor, you have to go to Hospital and suffer agonizing pain.
  5. It is down for us all.
  6. Does this mean I have to... go to real life or something? I don't like real life. It's a rubbish game and the graphics are terrible.
  7. I don't recall us getting weekend support last time. I thought it was was down all weekend.
  8. MinervaX

    BOS Bunker.

    Wonderfully done so far.
  9. Yes! Absolutely do this! If you are who I think you are, I always found your old diaries moderately entertaining. I wouldn't say super entertaining... but a bit. Like a strong 5 or even weak 6.
  10. And I was just recently thinking this forum didn't seem to have any controversies any more... but it seems very clear it just has the same ones from the past, endlessly repeated. I've not read the thread in question but I can predict roughly what it's about and who you are referring to. Reading your comments, I was tempted to find it, but.. well... I don't want to ruin my own day for me.
  11. Thanks! It's been on and off for a couple of weeks! Glad you like it!
  12. Listen to what the other says. Imagine how it would feel if they did that to you. React and immerse yourself in that. Don't feel wedded to a scenario you have in your head. Allow yourself to follow the flow. All plans change with other humans beings involved. The best sex you just both... follow where it leads. Focus on them. Don't be having too many distractions. Show them you want them, that you need them. Don't take too long responding. Sometimes a short punchy reply is better than none at all. Learn rhythm. The best sex (for me) starts with long paragraphs... but as the excitement builds... got shorter... and shorter..... and shorter... and.... ohhhh..
  13. I see you Mini!

    1. Ammini


      I see you too, MinX!

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