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  1. Hello everyone, so this is going to be my entry for the contest .I am Nitro and I'd like to invite you to my little crazy place. So the theme is cyberpunk, and I wanted to create something of a neighborhood in the city center. The area is quite active, you can participate in several of it's buildings and aspects (I'd do all but the size would be forbidding). There is a motel, houses, alleys, a park, kiosk, subway and lods of other buidlings waiting for you in the future world ^+^ I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did making it. I've never build something like it, so it was a nice challenge. Props I used : Alexa's ABC fonts King_Bob's spotilghts Kisses to everyone
  2. Hello everyone, though most of you don't probably know me, some might have forgotten who I am and all that, so I ll (not properly) introduce myself. Name's Nitro and I'm a somewhat old player, and hostess, one of the first ones in actual meaning of the word "host". As I still roam the lovely world of 3dxchat, I was discussing with a couple of fellow hosts and organizers of an idea, and ideas...are bulletproof! So here's the deal. We do make ultra nice events for our Dj's, some great building competitions and events, or showcases of our building work, so why not organize a major party for the people that try their best to make us feel welcomed, and involved in whatever is happening in the room! The idea is quite simple. What is needed? A room that would mention the hosts (if its relative to the theme of the event even better). Hosts! All of the hosts (I don;'t mean room owners that just open a room and that's it...I mean actual hosts). Music (duh!) Dancers! Happenings - ideas are welcome This is still in an 'alpha' stage of progression, but I would like to hear the thoughts of the community on it, and ofcourse suggestions Good to see you all, as always! N...OUT!
  3. so just a slight reminder of how timezones are a mess its 20:00 CET... I ll need to find that nice old addon that had a count down
  4. It's been added to the menu for this Tuesday;) Same time, same place
  5. Did you hear about it? Lillianme is also joining the fun with her tunes Cu all tonight :*
  6. We are waiting for you to join us the opening day of the Dominion 21:00 PM CET Live DJs, Loads of fun See you there
  7. Just a quick preview of the venue! Hope to see you there YOOHOO!!
  8. Hello everyone, I am Nitro, first...oh fuck this! So on Friday 26th of April, 2019 (duh) we'd like to invite everyone to a rocking sinsation on a lovely establishment, the Palais. The Dangerous Divas will rock it to the ground (no worries, all damages are insured), I shall try my to make you feel at home, there's alcohol, and of course...waffles and cookies! The event will start at 11pm GMT +2 and we'll keep at it, till there's no pillars left to hold the building Bring your best selves, and prepare for a nice music night with puns, drinks, company and dancing. There might be one surprise or two See you all there Nitro, Granny N, and loads of titles to follow my lifeline!
  9. Though I haven't read all suggestions, and maybe this one has been issued already (for which I apologize:P) I have a rather simplistic request. It's about chat. Let us create channels... I mean Group Chat is good, but only one. I sometimes, have 3-4 group of people that talk, or try to arrange things and it makes it so hard with PMs, and you can't really put everyone in one chat, it gets chaotic. Thank you:
  10. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that attended the party last night You made it super special as always, and I will be happy to see you all again in another one <3 Also, a super thank you to the wonderful DJ's that took the effort to prepare their sets, giving quite a variety of music:) Bulke, Icecream, Mulan, Alivia and Eugene you rocked <3 P.S. yeah the game crashed at some point...but we kept it up Yooohoo!!
  11. Nuuuuuuuuu I wanted Jessica to be there :/ Ah it's ok We will play for you as well!! Have a good day at work love! Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah they hype is real =^-^=
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