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  1. Note to myself, don't boost the room after server reboot
  2. Agree with the above, your fonts are really awesome and easy to use. Thank you so much for making them 🥰😘😋
  3. Allie, those props are absolutely amazing, incredible attention to details. I've made couple of really complex things for my room and I know how much effort it takes. I dunno what kind of radioactive spider bit the judges but your work is absolutely #1 for me! Thanks for sharing it via this thread. Hope to find you ingame, maybe you should visit me at Cyber Lounge Hugs!
  4. Congrats to all the winners! It was the first time for me to participate in something like this and I found we have a lot of great builders. Honestly speaking my top favorite was Allie's room and I had no doubt it would be #1... at least from the screenshots. But oh well, I'm not one of the judges, what do I know 😁 @Alliehotass I would be extremely happy to walk around that place in game just to get the real feeling. I do feel Russian ghetto was more about quantity rather quality, I walked around it in game and it was mostly blocks and empty walls. Scale is impressive though, but well, that's my personal opinion. I guess it will be really the first and the last competition for me, but I'll continue polishing Cyber Lounge and keep it open for everyone who wants to have a look and listen to some retrowave music. 😘😋
  5. I guess there's no other way, I also didn't find a way to attach files to PM... which is weird cause I can attach it to a reply that I'm writing at the moment.
  6. I see the message with the world that I shared last week haven't been opened so far. I wonder if judges actually plan to look at the worlds or just do it based on screenshots and descriptions? 🤔
  7. Hello, I'm Sylphie and I joined 3DX just a couple months ago, so please don't kick my ass if I do something wrong ^~^ I would like to contribute to this contest with my little creation. It happened that my friends who visited my room told me about the contest and suggested me to enroll, so here I am ^.^ I'm a big fan of everything cyberpunk and I really wanted to have a cyberpunk styled bedroom with a biiig window and a beautiful city view. But... I couldn't stop there :) My friends told me that the view deserves a more clear view than a blurry window, so I went further and made a little rooftop area. And in the beginning it was kinda empty and lifeless, so my corrupted creative mind started coming up with more and more outdoor ideas... ...such as cars and streets Monorails and trains... And of course trains needed train stations... But then I thought.. what kind of cyberpunk is it without flying cars? And voila! Taxi for all the arriving guests... And of course my personal full metal baby :) Yeah, I had to build a garage for it... and since I have it, why not add some finishing to the apartment? A corridor (yes that's vacuum robot in the corner): A bathroom (those huge vents got some wows from visitors) : And a living room with a nice view: And after all this work I just needed my brain to relax a bit and a little Japanese garden on the rooftop was a perfect place: So here it is, my little presentation of Sylphie's Cyber Lounge. Everyone is welcome to visit when I'm online ^.~ Oh yes, almost forgot.... it goes very well with the Retrowave radio that I found (I dunno if it's legit to post it here, so ask me in game), it sets a perfect cyberpunk mood :) One very important part is credits: The room is 99% made by me from scratch, but some props were very handy, such as: (modz forum where I downloaded most of the stuff doesn't work for me atm, I'll add names and links as soon as I can get them) Fonts: Digital_Numbers & ABC Highlight 11 Toys: Eve figure, Sex toys, HelloKitty and Teddy Bear Makeup set Keyboard/Mouse Cocktail Drinks and Sushi set Nutella, Bread box and Fruits Cool bed with neon lights and lots of poses Also one of the shared locations served as an inspiration for the rooftop, I'll add it as soon as I can find it. Sorry for no names, I really appreciate everyone's sharing <3 Some technicalities This location is a maybe a bit heavy 3.5mb, but it should be running well for most people. I tried to make sure there are no complicated props and you can't walk around the city freely as it is supposed to look well only from the main apartments/rooftop area (I cut the backs of the buildings to reduce the total amount of props). This location is optimized primarily for night (as on screenshots) because of how lights behave in 3DX and you can't adjust them per each time of the day (maybe one day?). Lastly, I added whole bunch of interesting and realistic sex positions which some people already enjoyed ^.^ @Ashbash I'll be sending the world file in private message as I think it looks much better in dynamics (with all the colorful lights, dynamic smokes/fogs, etc.) Thank you everybody who read through this long post ^_^ xoxo
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