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  1. Thanks Max, i will try this later and let you know if it worked, i appreciate you responding
  2. I am having issues with this since a Microsoft update , when I try to save the file, it forces it to save as a notepad document and not a world document , even if i right clicked and try to save it like that. If there a way to fix this?
  3. THE ART BOX IS ALSO LOOKING FOR STAFF - If interested send me a pm here or in game !! -GALLERY/ ART ATTENDENTS - Reasonability will be to Greet -Must be very friendly ~ -BARTENDER/ Cocktail waiters/waitresses - Reasonability to serve drinks , offer menu for lounge -ART GALLERY MODELS- Male or Female - Reasonability will be to dress very classy standing at entrance or in Lounge -In HOUSE DJ/ Official Art Box DJS- Reasonability will be to create a chill mood with a genre/s of your choice.
  4. This is Awesome! thank you so much
  5. I think you should have a beast award too. many not know a clue what they are doing , most looking like a hot mess ! …… But really! Loving it and looking forward to seeing more … !
  6. Thank you . And you should !
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