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  1. You´ll be back, don´t you deny it.
  2. I just got kicked out of a cold because of that damn outage, I want my money back.
  3. nah, the high heels.
  4. Where did you get that information? You actually experienced issues on your own end let´s say for the past 24 hours? Or this was a communication I missed? And since we´re at it, since you are so savvy about it, why did they remove the EU instance during the last patch, supposedly "because it wasnt used by anyone", because if the US server was down or having the issues you are reporting, surely we would be able to connect to the other server?
  5. I do agree with the communication part. This being said, it´s the first time they communicated anything.
  6. That still doesn´t change the fact you chose the time-frame with less impact for the end-users, even a simple reboot can lead to disaster, tell me on the multiple servers you have run you had a specific window and maybe a change window to perform whatever. Right now it looks like amateurish for what they are doing. I hope a lot of people just registered right now so they "lost connection" out, hopefully they´ll click on "forum" and come here share their enthusiasm with us.
  7. You don´t reboot at any given time. That´s how it works. And add planning, roll-back and failover to the project manager´s. That´s how it works with a business server: 1 minute of outage, forced or not is a cost in revenue, or customer sat. Not that they care for the latter. It´s not like you handle a server like your laptop. Proof is? Whatever was the reason behind the reboot, it created more issues than it fixed anything, looks like it keeps rebooting.
  8. Personally I like Gizmo´s choice of a time-frame, when the server is at its potentially most populated peaks, between 9am to central US, through 5 or 6pm Europe (when people are coming back from work,) 9pm Asia, and midnight in Australia. Ideal moment to ensure the people´s rage, 3DX has now decided to play the trolls in WoW! Maybe with all the gold the room owner think they been robbed, they hire a project manager to learn Server maintenance 101.
  9. Why don´t you just log into the game? Thank you.
  10. He´s an achat troll who failed psychology 101 and quotes Michelle Obama, don´t pay no mind to him.
  11. I already told you to go back to your undergrad psychology 101, you need money? I´ll throw you a few xGold thous as soon as the server is back online while you rant about Achat in 3DX Forum, okay?
  12. you can take that door without me fucking you, I don´t ride your side of the fence, but thank you.
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