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  1. Hey stuff happens rather you like it or not and besides the point of you spending money on subscriptions for this game, lisa on discord is freezing all sub timers and is transferring accounts to a test server. Yes it sucks and yes there will be bugs but there going to update the test server for bugs while at the same time trying to fix the attack. Until everything is all ready again, we all get a free ride and get our time back when it was left off plus I'm sure they will add more time to subscriptions as a apologie like they did in the past. We gain more then lose unlike 3dx is experiencing
  2. "Two months later...." yup nothings change
  3. Yunala

    |For the Gamers|

    Ps3, ps4, pc, broken xbox 360 lol. Looking forward to the guild wars 2 expansion. Playing the tomb raider reboot. Still awesome to me. Also waiting on the new final fantasy 15. Dont worry sephiroth, ill always love u ^_-. My super all time favorite game thats coming out for the xbox one exclusive is the Phantom Dust remake. Not sure if anyone herd of that game before but to me its one of the best card game based action game out there!! See you all online gamers. ^^
  4. Yunala


    *Stretches from waking up.* morning and hello. Finally heading home! Im so beat!!! Hey jun!!! ^^
  5. Yunala


    omg is simon half elephant?
  6. Hiya and welcome Beth. Its a good community so i hope you take full advantage of it. See ya around ^_-
  7. I too love the update and dance moves 6,7,and 8 are pretty good to mix up into one big dance. Looks awesome with another that knows how to do the sequences with you. ^_-
  8. Hehe, hmmm i might be worse in rl then on this game lol. Nice in the out side and wtf on the inside ^^
  9. Right now xenoverse and gta 5 but the hiests. Gw2. For the future i want to try out the batman arkham knight
  10. the bricks on you wall are starting to crack. ^_-
  11. Yunala


    One time there was a man stuck on a deserted island. He had food, water, but no women. There were times this man was so horny that not even masturbating was enough. He wanted the real thing. Soon out on another part of the island, he stumbles on to a living,breathing goat. He looks at the goat with sexual,desirable eyes. Only one thing went through his head. "I want to fuck that goat,"he said out loud. He tried to catch that goat. Day after day and night after night. The goat was just to fast and hard to grab "Fuck this," he yelled, "fuck everything ill just go gay, dame it"! A few days pass as he walks along the shore line,looking for any boats passing by. His skin crawls with excitement as he spots something laying on the shore sands. As he gets closer, he couldnt believe his eyes. A beautiful mermaid was covered in a fishers net and it appeared to be dying from the suns hot rays. He helps her take off the net and could finally see her clearly. Soft peach skin, eyes like sapphire, black hair as dark as night with water droplets as stars, breasts that would make any mans mouth water, and a tail fin that changed in all colors from the sun. Her mouth was dry and could only point to the sea. He lifts her up and into the warm waters. Like magic she starts to regain her strength as she slowly approaches him. Smiling she says,"Thank you for saving me. I would've died if you hadn't come to my aid. I have the power to grant you one wish and only one." "Anything,"he asked? "Yes, my hero, anything"!! He holds her firmly as if he was going to confess his dying love to this amazing being. He leans forward holding her chin as if to kiss her and say..... "Help me catch that fuckin goat"!!
  12. omg so sweetie babe thank u.... *sniff sniff*
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