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  1. I need mcdonalds to start serving breakfast again, that damn covid!
  2. If you hate it, stop playing.... problem solved, on to the next helpful post. No need to thank me, i am a problem solver.
  3. If a pumpkin gender isnt added in game soon, i will file an immediate protest!
  4. isnt life grand. some cry about the game not having 27 genders, others complain about people complaining. Such is life
  5. and yet when they get a temp ban, they will be the first to whine about it
  6. Yes please, there are a couple people i would like to punt. *Looks above my post *
  7. R0bT



  8. not true, it has all the elements.... 4 people = check all getting some= check = foursome
  9. Well i dont want ignored, i enjoy a good rant now and then
  10. btw, when i say you, i dont actually mean you, i mean people in general
  11. then you misread what i am saying. yes, its within a customers right to bitch and moan however at some point, after you have bitched and moaned for months and years, you are as much as fault as the game makers for continuing to support a product that isnt fullfilling your needs or being worth your money. If you went out to eat and the food was horrible, would you continue eating there day after day... of course not. When you allow a place to give you crappy service, crappy service is all you are going to get. The power lays in the cash. If more people spoke up in terms of stopping to pay for a product they deemed crappy, chances are it wouldnt be bad. If i as a owner of any product know that no matter what, you will pay, what reason do i have for making it better. I know and you know you arent going to stop paying
  12. but you also dont see the same person back in that hospital if it has a history of piss poor service day after day.
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