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  1. you wouldnt know an actual pussy if it queefed in your face . google that, i dont have time to define it....... RobT out!
  2. you dont have to prove anything, everyone with half a brain knows your a dude. Its not like it isnt common, all kinds of freaks like you in game so all good. Bunch of dudes jacking off thinking they are fooling the other dude pretending to be female that they are a lesbian.
  3. lucky for you , it wont ever happen to you, already enough male asses to plug in game, they dont need your hairy ass to do it.
  4. bahahahaha, nice one. i think you suck but that was still good
  5. I was going to tell you to go fuck yourself but you do that with your alt wife daily , so i wont.
  6. btw, its not actually rape considering someone can x out of a room or even the game. its consensual sex role played. oh and that other all important thing..... its not real, its a sex game you sad, silly fucks
  7. R0bT


    They really dont mod the forums anymore
  8. we can compare paychecks anytime. that wouldnt be fair since your country is a shithole
  9. thyere, i saved folks the effort of having to make a new thread complaining about the same shit. you are welcome @Twiggy and @chloe
  10. Thats all i got today, you know the rest....... RobT Out!
  11. well yeah, of course but im ok with that. why would i care what a bunch of sissy boys like or dont like ? seems kind of silly. im not the one crying that i dont have new poses so my fake lesbian wife can ram me up the ass with an imaginary strap on
  12. ok, thats enough for the week, have a good weekend loser.
  13. clowns are still here, yes, so is the dude with a prosthetic vagina look below
  14. sometimes i even amaze myself. you can always tell when the truth is spoken because people get all defensive. If you cannot see that having pretend sex with gender bending freaks such as yourself isnt good , you are to far gone. you will end up with 37 cats and your shack in the ghetto will smell like piss and shit. thats all i got, speaking of piss and shit, tell twigs i said hello RobT out again!
  15. i was torn , i didnt know if i wanted to search that pic online to expose you of stealing it off the net but decided not to because we both know your a dude with a small penis complex and figured it was a waste of time. that pic is about as real as @Twiggy 37 pregnancy's that lasted 18 months each wut isnt an actual word, i see you went to the "exharen" school of spelling RobT out!
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