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  1. happy New Year, my lil fart knocker ❤️

  2. Merry Christmas to a great friend whose always been there for me. We have had our fair share of arguements but i always know you will be in my corner when i need you . you are a very special person and i hope the holidays treat you well

    1. Xandisweet


      💝 Merry Christmas to you, my dear friend! Thank you for always being straight forward and hilariously awesome. No one could make me laugh as much as you consistently throughout the years. I think I owe you a Light Bright™ 😁 hugs!! 

    2. Ross the RoberT
    3. Ross the RoberT

      Ross the RoberT

      You can give it to me at the husky farm

  3. Confirmed. Lol but usually it's situations where "the truth hurts" quite literally.
  4. For those with udderly huge bizongas
  5. Good morning, Senpai! 😘

    1. Ross the RoberT

      Ross the RoberT

       good morning to you

  6. Probably already said.... but... Life is too short to be unhappy.
  7. Pretty sure I know who Elledy is. i am CrazyDaisy. Active sub til I dunno when always just sigh relieved when it says its run out.
  8. It's still happening. And won't stop because people don't have the ability to look at their actions before pointing fingers.
  9. Just saying it's not who you're implying, because they didn't want to be here and still don't.
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