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  1. sup chicken butt

  2. Probably already said.... but... Life is too short to be unhappy.
  3. Pretty sure I know who Elledy is. i am CrazyDaisy. Active sub til I dunno when always just sigh relieved when it says its run out.
  4. It's still happening. And won't stop because people don't have the ability to look at their actions before pointing fingers.
  5. Just saying it's not who you're implying, because they didn't want to be here and still don't.
  6. They arent approving posts of those made prior either.
  7. I know it was because he told me it was him. He was involved in the forums at the time as KittyKaitlin or whatever
  8. Might have to get out the dusty lappy for this
  9. Yes was Jimmy. As previously stated
  10. There were certain people involved who also made troll posts and insults, but they aren't trolls? I'm so confused... Edit so I dont make too many posts. I'm an abuse victim and had people telling me I support abuse against women. My responses towards you were justifiable.
  11. All new accounts get banned. Troll or not
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