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  1. This topic comes around every so often and no one can ever come to an agreement on it, with written data and personal experiences leading the opinions, both are correct. All in all it comes down to being adults in the situation, meaning... You can have different opinions and not lose your minds over it. All of your points are valid. But on either side you cannot convince otherwise and that's ok! Anyway have a great day!
  2. The first Safe Haven discord channel for 3DX was. If you came around with the second with the same name then I'll admit to being wrong about this particular one. Didn't say YOU. Also no, I didn't mean I was speaking about Chloe. It was the start of an apology for standing in her way.
  3. @chloe I was wrong. Have at her.
  4. Did I say you? Report yourself for slander. I didn't call you a man. Jeezus get your head out of the clouds and smell the shit coming from your misguided arrogance. I've proven myself plenty over the past 5 years.
  5. Safe Haven was created by a man who openly admitted to lying to all his friends and husband about being a woman. Which is common and expected... As well as fame seeking Avis who have invested their lives in an imaginary world instead of figuring out why exactly they prefer a false life to their real one.. good luck, love. This is the top, there's no where to go but down from here.
  6. Welp, I typically come into a thread when I believe people are being bullied. Usually in the attempt of taking the focus off of said people. Sometimes... Not often... but sometimes I'm shown that the effort is pointless due to the constant provocation of both parties. Toodles. I wish you all the best! X
  7. Maybe try turning down the backlight a bit, might help block out some of those negative ions omitted from the forums. 😉
  8. Oops double post. May I spam tacos here?
  9. I'll take this as an example.
  10. Well, that settles it then. Instead of answering straight forward, now there are posts about trolls. Oy vey.. I'll never get clarity on this matter.
  11. You give me too much credit lol I just asked a question in hopes of enlightenment.
  12. I'm asking because a lot of these forum disruptions seem to trickle down into your fingertips. Typically with a blatant accusation that turns into insults and stabs at someone's real life. Then ya run around telling others a biased one sided story that makes you the victim in a scenerio that you have created. I mean.. your persistence and consistency over the years with the same method of collecting sympathy is quite admirable, and if this gets you off then I'm by no means kink shaming.. just trying to understand a little better.
  13. @chloe may I ask... Why are you so mean?
  14. I've recently become bored enough to read through the forums once again. After many months away from 3DX my mental health has never been better! I'm still nuttier than a Snicker's bar, but I'm feeling gooood. Though I miss the pixelated meetings with those I used to call friends, I'll always hold close the memories made over the years. I believe it's time to extend an apology.. not for being an asshole, that's never going to change, and if you don't like me.. guess what?! I honestly could give 2 shits about your opinion. An apology to my friends... I've gone AWOL so many times with no w
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