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  1. No one stays gone, sure it sucks but they also add the time you lose to your sub. I certainly get the frustration but I have been around so very long and it is quite rare someone actually leaves for good especially with the stuff going on. It is better to be here when we can than risk all the bs going on. Certainly not saying people shouldnt get upset but it happens and the team that works on this game is quite small making it harder for them to deal with when they get messed with.
  2. Really good idea, I approve and I am sure it will turn out incredibly
  3. Well isn't this a fun Lil chat we got going on... Although I am always up to listen to a nice song so count me in hahaha
  4. Well damn I could have used that this year. I tried to do a lil party for my birthday and it completely flopped hehe
  5. I agree, it really sicks. I usually just copy the text you can see then delete it to see if what is below is correct
  6. And Slut posts even more incredible stuff. You are an amazing builder. And we all appreciate you sharing your goodies with us hehe
  7. Dont you worry I will be there, everyone knows I am the life of a party... jk jk But of course I would love to come and thursdays are usually my last day of work for the week so that is a plus
  8. Always a great choice of bands and dope names for the events
  9. That is a dope idea, great job as always. You make some incredible things. You can bet I will be there!
  10. As a captain I can't miss a party on a yacht... Count me in!!!
  11. Woohoo!! Who does not love a good place to hangout?
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