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  1. Yes, our time has come! Guide my brood!
  2. Change your mind, because what you think is what you are. Try not to hate yourself. To archive this, try not to hate your wholelife(your body, your personality, your social ability). It's okay that you cannot love it now.Why? Because it is your status now only. You can change and improve throughout your life. Life is about learning.Many people overestimate what they can change in a day, and underestimate what they can change in life. Don't judge/compare your life by how others or You judge/compare it. How is the point. You may not love your life now but don't judge/compare You. Why? Because no one is capable to judge or to compare. The one who judge is the one who knows the whole picture of your life, which means… only God. You are at this point of life, but it doesn't make you anything. Never give up on your life. No matter how bad you feel, don't give up.Why? You give up because you hate. Try not to hate as mentioned. It is a mind circle.
  3. Collete

    Sin anhelos

    Estoy de acuerdo con usted. No se hizo la miel para la boca del asno.
  4. Tell me more about drunk blabbering or 2pac rapping lol
  5. Collete

    Sin anhelos

    What has the world done? Made us all slaves. To the one thing we try to become. That we think will solve anything but solves nothing at all. This is the downfall.
  6. Collete

    Sin anhelos

    Whoa! What the hell I've just read?
  7. Instead you'd better pretend inferiority and encourage her arrogance.
  8. Well. The hurt people said that. And you are just a rare example trying to prove this wrong with the over-inflated ego of yours.
  9. Thanks for the topic, Riela. Now I am updated with the situation here. We are just echoing the thoughts expressed before.
  10. Somehow I feel this project won't last long if it stays in the same shiftless tracks.
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