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  1. looking for 3dx gf's/wives who enjoy getting shared, sloppy seconds, getting creampied.
  2. interested ....email me Shaunadams69962@gmail.com
  3. Hi, Looking to share fantasies and play on a long term basis...not exclusively but long term.... I like sharing storied and experiences. Also helping each other play out fantasies online. Email me shaunadams69962@gmail.com
  4. Hey Chloe, I prefer MMF when it comes to 3somes. I also love to share a girl with other guys. I do struggle to find suitable guys to share girl with though so I get that frustration. If you hook up with me, would love to try that with you. My kink is knowing girls is totally turned on...I love that. Hit me up and lets see if we cant get something going. I also like organizing a train on a girl...and just watching and maybe being her last guy...I have lots of sharing fantasies...I think the ultimate expression of love is to ensure your partners pleasure ...arranging each others mates and controlling each others sex sessions is hot also. Think we might enjoy each others company? Ok...I am more of a freak lol but hit me up if any of my freaks appeal.
  5. Looking for girls with a similar kink. Contact me and let's roleplay this? I also like to voice so if you on discord, it would be better
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