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  1. This pose is absolutely correct like it is!
  2. Chapter closed! have fun or not
  3. Thanks for not knowing anything!
  4. You have made it clear before
  5. Really? How do you know this all ? Honestly !
  6. Yes many do this! A Building Alt where you can build nearly 30 Hours to finish your "Vision" -No interruptions, World Editor is like an "Puzzle" sometimes that needs to be solved! Brain Storming! Let say that you build something and you need 10 Hours for it! (And this is not really much) A day has 24 Hours on my Planet! -7 sleeping (Hopefully) -8 working (Must) -5 my Life so ..4 Hours left then Ooo You have Friends,GF,Wifey,Dancing Bestie when you are in 3DX ! so another -2 ! it is not working like this for me! An Building "Alt" is really a good Thing! So if I would have every single day 1 hour to build ..this would mean weeekkksss to finish it ! ofc you can write this in your profile that you are Building something not been available all the time for weeks lol ! I just want to say and make it clear that many have an "Building Alt" just to build no more no less! Silence
  7. No not at the same time of course! Iam happy like it is and I have nothing against "wasd" but for players who has an Occulus-Rift like me a Controller function would be really great for moving your avi ! Rigth now it is a pain like it is! I agree..but when you are in a "Room" and everyone there is trying to jump over something this would look so odd for me ! Before you learn to "Jump" you should learn to walk first ๐Ÿคซ Absolutely "Yes" It is ..simply "Puuurrrrfect" Thanks to all ..voted for "Both"
  8. No sorry this is horrible! Giving Players abilities to jump on you when you have sex in an open location! You kiss your Partner on a bench having a great time together and they have nothing better to do just to try to jump on you! โ˜น๏ธ
  9. Moving the cam with mouse (Right Hand) and my avi with "WASD" (left hand) would mean for me : But for VR it would be really cool having this option or Controller support!
  10. Allright then ! You have all drivers installed and other games are working with no problems! Sorry can`t help you then This is all that I will post here ..for now good luck
  11. Well I think that you have posted here that you have changed something on your System and that your CPU was always at 99% in the Task Manager... Anyway make sure the 3dx is running with your Videocard GPU and not with your Onboard GPU!
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