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  1. @Groot There is a copycat here..not able to reach your level! He answers translated! What do you say ? "I AM GROOT!" Yeah and the best DJ&Dancer ! Thanks ...!
  2. There can be only one heh πŸ˜…
  3. You make this place a better place with your talent ! KUDOS ! You ROCK ! Thanks for work !

  4. 2good4here Who Is He (And What Is He to You)? - YouTube Music
  5. Ope(n)ing soon

  6. Oh no no noH ! I am still here !!!! Kisses&Hugs 😘


  7. Is there a logical system behind or not ? Confused !
  8. #9E5838 Confirmed! same here ! They show up as R=0 B=0 G=0 ! This should be black ! R=255 B=255 G=255 !This should be white!
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