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    In mind of Jeff The Hamster
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    Enjoy Tattoo'ing watching old school horror movies just sitting back cuddling up on the sofa or in a nice warm bed.
    Gaming is a big part of my life playing right know
    GTA5 Online/Guildwars 2.
    Also, enjoy playing the flute jugging balls a snacking on meaty taco's.
    When I really feel like it I Occasionally Rim the dark side.

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  1. Bet you would Like to know

  2. Bye Bye 3dxchat Such a Toxic Playground their

    1. panCDCA


      Sorry to see you leave not everyone is bad there.

  3. MetalMayhemClub/Bar will not be open tonight sorry all Closed for Good
  4. I lead with my Heart-an-Soul It will Be my Down Fall

  5. I wanted To Thank valkman-an-DJJade for Dj'ing MetalMayHem Event Last night. Everyone That Dropped by The Party I want to Thank all over All of You From The Bottom Of My Heart. MetalMayHem would Not Have Come Together With Out all Of you *Thank ALL off you for Every Thing Last night*
  6. I can't wait 3 Hours an counting First MetalMayHem event GrandOpening First MetalMayhem EventHosted By Leggs *Guest Dj's Valkman-an-Jade* Come Join The Party On The Roof Drink/Dance/Mingle/Anything Goes Come Listen To KickAss HeavyMetal Music
  7. Couple more Days Then Party Time going to be One Killer Night
  8. I can't wait until Friday Night It going be Kick-Ass party That is Kick-Ass she will Be joining The GrandOpening Guest Dj's Valkman an Jade Hella killer night on the 15th party starts 6pm-to-10pm eastern
  9. I was right in The Middle of Building my New Home an Crash down it goes
  10. Well Well They did it again Thank you 3DX I paid For year sub an know after The New Patch I cant do Crap Cant Long in Cant do anything WAT TO GO
  11. You remind me of Michael Alig

    1. Leggs


      I just looked him up an why would you say I remind you of him I am no Drag queen or sick fuck like that guy I'm just me being me This who I am Transgender Female. This who I'm I don't hide the fact I'm trans from anyone.

    2. panCDCA


      No, I didn't mean in that way. I meant your facial features reminded me of him. That was ALL I meant. And from our conversations and what I know of you, you are in NO WAY comparable to him in any other way.



      I honestly did not mean to offend. I am sorry.


    3. Leggs


      I'm not Offend/Hurt any of that Shit just pissed me off an well when this little Redneck Girly gets pissed stay out of my way till I'm a clam. It's all good Just next time chose your words wisely But we all cool cool know

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