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  1. Room 1 first day looked awesome, specially with lights off
  2. The Craic MC opens every Wednesday from 8pm EST to around midnight
  3. What lays beyond your imagination is the excitement of what is to come 

  4. AHAHAHA I've been looking for ye luv, I've been back to the game like 3 weeks now, had a long and well needed vacation
  5. We members of DoF have the joy to invite you all to our return back to 3dxChat. Come enjoy some tunes with DJs that have been here all the time and DJs returning to the game. Make new friends, have a laugh or 2, request your favourite tunes and enjoy a marvellous evening with us.
  6. it's not ok that the patcher doesn't work @Gizmo you need to do something about it, the solution helps at times, but other times uninstalling and re-installing seems to be the ultimate solution and that is acceptable once or twice, not every update.
  7. what is with the update, the updater is not patching at all, stops midways
  8. Woops been a while since I last was here   😂

  9. I loved the event, even though I had issues with me server, gonna change servers cuz they are focktards. =)
  10. She can prolly bake u one, but that one is mine, I spat on it to make sure it is mine
  11. And to make things easier to compare I be posting this so y'all may see and compare to yer own providers.
  12. most providers do actually charge mainly for the AutoDj feature and the broadband usage, as of mine when I use the free version I don't get AutoDJ and only broadband of 2000GB for max 50 listeners and I only get to stream on shoutcast 1.5, while if I pay the 4£ then I get to use AutoDj, shoutcast 2.x and a broadband allocation of 4000GB for 200 listeners Now there are always ways around digitized things, hacks and such, so completely secured is a load of bs. search engines do use a type of hack which many don't see it that way but it actually is. if you chosen to not list your self for public then you have done everything in your power to ensure that you stay private, and therefor can't be accountable for wot others do or use to get hold of yer stream. Now in this case the copyright laws shouldn't apply you think, because you are streaming for a closed private party, but as Mar have mentioned it before the game is public. Which isn't entirely true either because not everyone has access to it, the ones that have access to it are paying customers for something exclusive, in this case a sex game with streaming options. so according to trademark agreements copyright laws shouldn't apply as long as you can prove that you own the music you stream, that means that you have to prove with a receit that you actually purchased it from a legit music store or retailer. So if they would start chasing every streamer in the game then many would face charges and huge fines. Here comes the fine part of it all, if you change a song or 2 because that's wot at least takes to make a mix then the copyright laws are completely invalid. Why!? you may ask and question my statement. well in altering a song according to copyright laws then you've created a new song, hence why they cani claim you using or misusing their song. Many have posted just about this but forget that a mix is usually 2 different versions of same song into one both merged together, or 2 completely different songs mixed together and the only thing in common they have is the beat, and there is no copyright law for beats. the trick to getting away with this is that you can't play the entire song, you have to mix it before 1/2 of it has played or around there, this is way many DJ create their mixes often by mixing around 1/4 into the song, that way they've altered the songs and created something completely new. they get away with paying royalties to the owning company and can charge their own royalties for the mix or remix they created. Now many speak of giving credits to the artist and such, so let me explain something, the company owns the song the artist created, the artist gets part of the royalties a percentage lowest is around 10% and highest is about 25-30%, You may think but that's a lot! well not really, if I put it in simple words maybe you will see that the claims of supporting the artist is just an other BS, say you get a free a bag of peanuts, and from that bag you give yer lil sister 1 peanut, or if u feeling generous u give her 3 peanuts. and then you keep the rest of the peanuts for yer self. that is wot happens with the royalties. Now if anyone want to support the artist, which I totally agree then turn to the artist it self and ask him/her to endorse him/her by playing their tunes maybe by promoting a new song they haven't released yet, that way you've worked around the copyright. Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't pay for the copyrights stated by the country you live in, But you don't need to. Like Mar and some others I do pay, but sometimes I just get permit from other DJs to play their mixes just by writing them an e-mail and endorsing them, you will be surprised by the answers, and if I get a no, then I just don't play their mix, at least not until I do get a yes from them. Never give op, there are many doors to be opened when one is shut close.
  13. The thing with myradiostream is that you can either have free access with a limited amount of listeners and broadband, or pay 4 £ per month to have full access, so it is way cheaper than Gecko's cheapest solution
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