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  1. Woops been a while since I last was here   😂

  2. I loved the event, even though I had issues with me server, gonna change servers cuz they are focktards. =)
  3. She can prolly bake u one, but that one is mine, I spat on it to make sure it is mine
  4. And to make things easier to compare I be posting this so y'all may see and compare to yer own providers.
  5. most providers do actually charge mainly for the AutoDj feature and the broadband usage, as of mine when I use the free version I don't get AutoDJ and only broadband of 2000GB for max 50 listeners and I only get to stream on shoutcast 1.5, while if I pay the 4£ then I get to use AutoDj, shoutcast 2.x and a broadband allocation of 4000GB for 200 listeners Now there are always ways around digitized things, hacks and such, so completely secured is a load of bs. search engines do use a type of hack which many don't see it that way but it actually is. if you chosen to not list your self for publ
  6. The thing with myradiostream is that you can either have free access with a limited amount of listeners and broadband, or pay 4 £ per month to have full access, so it is way cheaper than Gecko's cheapest solution
  7. Should be under your server settings, I no longer use Gecko because I found that myradiostream is a cheaper alternative for me. should say "Shoutcast listing" (without the tags), some times you have to check a box other times a scroll option either way it's the same functionality, for me it's a scroll option.
  8. Same here, you can only listen to my stream if u enter the room I'm streaming or if I personally give you my streaming URL so u can listen to it while not in game. Un-check the public domain option in your settings on your server site.
  9. https://3dxevents.neocities.org/
  10. That's wot DoF is really about sweetie, despite wot ppl may say, we are all about real friendship through time and space, with pros and cons. =) and you're most welcome to join the party hun.
  11. opening time will be decided soon
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