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  1. .....raises my hand to have been deemed worthy of a BAN from 3DX for the next two days. I can't wait to enjoy RL more for these two days and nights. Maybe I should create and open a room in 3DX when I return where those who have now been banned can be there. I will guess there would be a record attendance since it appears so many are now forced to be in this no longer exclusive 'club'. lol
  2. I get a 46 hour fucking ban from this POS game for posting two ads for my room in WC that I placed there almost 90 minutes apart.....and that is worthy of a BAN? I was so close to leaving this place completely at the end of March and was convinced to stay by friends. SURE, it is obvious the Devs and most people don't want constant spamming of room ads in WC, but I place ads 90 minutes apart and that is unacceptable? I need to look and think again about this game since I can't log on again for two more days.
  3. Awwwwww, DUSTYYYYY, I love you and your amazing mind and thoughts!
  4. STELLA! I cannot wait to play my ROCK music LOUD & PROUD soon for you and all who love the Dangerous Divas!
  5. I guess I should be there - as a genuine pink-skinned alien girl from Planet Musica. I will not need to be in costume for Cosplay; I will just come dressed as ME. 🙂
  6. I notice the voyeur conversation here. I admit that I am that kind of person IRL, even as a trans girl. I find seeing others enjoy passion with others IRL which does make me very excited and I enjoy giving other voyeurs that same opportunity when they watch me. Of course, being a voyuer from RL transfers so easily into here for me. Yes, I WILL watch others here, too.
  7. YESSSSSS, my StarrShip SINsual will open again for only its second time ever for Earthlings to visit! I cannot wait for all to beam up and arrive in the Transporter on-board my ship. I thank WildHoney and Macy for their help with the helps & support of others. I will see you SOOOOOOOON!
  8. PAN! I can barely wait to play my MUSIC of the COSMOS for the pleasure of all Earthlings! Thank you for asking me to be part of this amazing event! I plan to rock this planet with sound waves that will shake and quake the planet with the ROCK I push into the ROCK of Earth for all to feel and enjoy, not fear. As I say, from my Planet Musica to your Planet Earth - MUSIC IS LIFE!
  9. Hi Pan! Should I play music from my homeworld of Planet Musica? It might be in a language you do not understand as I think my native language sounds like swearign compared to English. LOL This IS a great GREAT idea, lovey!
  10. Honey, You ALWAYS have the greatest Christmas parties every year! Thank you for hosting it again! MUAHHHHHH
  11. ANDDDDDDDD.....here I go trying to decide and determine what I am considered to be. I believe I am a DJ who is careful with my creation of playlists many times based upon a theme. I believe I am a DJ who does everything possible to bring in the guests to a room with the fun and good atmosphere I try to create with my music. I believe I am a DJ who has real love from my real heart for the ones who honor me to play music in their room and especially love for the guests who choose to be in the room where I DJ for something I do that truly connects me with them at various times. I believe I am a
  12. NATSUMI - I will LOVE to be part of E7! I began my time as a DJ in Event 2 thanks to an invitation from Rob. He believed in me when I was still calling myself DJ Cosmos. I remember how nervous I was to be a DJ then even for just one hour. I was so honored and will always feel honored to be asked to DJ. Now that I am DJ StarrFyre, I look forward to continuing my time with and in these events. I also loved that so many in the past always looked for the numbered events and supported them. The room designs were always awesome and the E-7 STADIUM looks incredible! THANK YOU, Nat, for buildi
  13. My tears flow even in real (truly do!) at feeling this would possibly happen and your exit finally reaches that point now. Rae, I am one of a number of more than you possibly know who were affected and impacted deeply in here by the selflessness you had for us with all you did here. You should know by now you WILL be missed.....BUT, who can be truly sad when we know you move more into that REAL life where greater adventures and accomplishments wait for you there. Your intelligence and creativity were seen and even felt in here. You impacted ME in ways I recall vividly now and will never
  14. Lisa, My set of 80s Rock will get you so SEXcited that you will recreate when you lost your virginity while in the room tonight! SEE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!
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