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  1. Great work and smart idea Danyboi .. well done mate
  2. Happy 2nd year anniversary to the HIP HOP NATION team and for so many more years to come full of success
  3. Thank you so much Olesya for this great video Big thanks to Desi for making and hosting this amazing club its one of the best
  4. amazing work as always Tham looking forward to see it
  5. Great work and wish you girls many years to come together and always full of success
  6. Happy Friday ❤️


  7. If it will be an option and nothing will change so add it why not ☺️
  8. Didn't work for me, i am having this issue now for a week its becoming very annoying i can't even log in the game now
  9. Room looks awesome Chloe, great work dear So excited for tonight hope everyone have so much fun and to celebrate together Felia's birthday Happy birthday Feliaaaaaaa 🎂
  10. I have the same problem i tried everything and nothing worked and now i can't even login to the game
  11. I am so excited to see all of you there and hear all the amazing DJs giving us their best for this great event A huge work behind the scene from all makes it amazing Less than 24 hours left guys WOOOOOOOOOT
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