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  1. Great work and wish you girls many years to come together and always full of success
  2. Happy Friday ❤️


  3. If it will be an option and nothing will change so add it why not ☺️
  4. Didn't work for me, i am having this issue now for a week its becoming very annoying i can't even log in the game now
  5. Room looks awesome Chloe, great work dear So excited for tonight hope everyone have so much fun and to celebrate together Felia's birthday Happy birthday Feliaaaaaaa 🎂
  6. I have the same problem i tried everything and nothing worked and now i can't even login to the game
  7. I am so excited to see all of you there and hear all the amazing DJs giving us their best for this great event A huge work behind the scene from all makes it amazing Less than 24 hours left guys WOOOOOOOOOT
  8. So excited for this event, one of the biggest in 3DX for sure, Terry did an awesome work in the room its a master peace not just a normal room its unique, Lexi you did an amazing job in the planning and coordinating with all the DJ and Chloe ofc having her touch in this post and for letting us use bumblebee and helping in every way and in everything. For me Tomorrow land is in my plan to go to next year or after I already went to several gigs for Armin Van Buuren all around the world as he is my most favorite in his field and also so many names presenting trance, PSY, Goa, upliftings, Progressive and Vocals so many names are my favorite but sure on top of the list are Armin & ViniVici. Great work for all who spent time and effort in this huge event.
  9. A Grand opening! at the Crown! That is so funny and that person is whether a joker or a stupid
  10. This one is going to be a HOT MISSION
  11. It was amazing and great, awesome people and great tunes Thank you everyone who joined in making this party awesome Hope to see you all there in our next Mission soon
  12. Good to see you back again girl, you've been missed and that room is great
  13. I am excited about it already .. can't wait
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