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  1. Looks incredible, great idea and concept. I am highly interested in being a part of this team, anyone who knows me knows I love Fashion.
  2. Sounds exciting, will def be there with some friends
  3. Referral isnt working, does the same as the above information
  4. Not working for me, tried to get a friend to join
  5. Thank each and everyone one of you, I am going to need DJs
  6. Thank you V and yes, Brandi and you have always been amazing and very welcoming. I love that post
  7. Thank you all for your responses,U have much already planned and this event is to Kickstart the LGBTQ group SYNERGY. Anyone interested ,please message me here. I have some DJs and Rooms to use. Everyone and anyone is welcome.
  8. Thank you everyone, been working on this idea for awhile now. I know how hard it is for some people in game to feel welcome.Many cliques like in High School, but I believe if we support each other and take time to get to know one another, we could make some lasting friendships.
  9. I understand there are many open groups. However, there are none for the LGBTQ community. So I am wanting to set up a group for our gay community ,want everyone to feel comfortable and no longer hide who they are. I know it is hard to per say "come out" ,but its so much worse when you have to basically walk on eggshells being something you know you are not. 3DX is a place to live out your fantasies, be who you wanna be without being judged. Most everyone has at least one gay friend or family member in their RL or game life. So I ask anyone who is interested in supporting,DJs, Builders, Room ho
  10. This reconnect all the time, didn't happen until the body bag dress , the one lame chair bj pose, where the guy is not phased, and how ironic the reconnect print. Took me almost 27 tries to log in, server wasn't down because my friends were posting pics of parties online.
  11. Having a problem with trying to iggy someone and they dont iggy but my friend I was talking to does instead. Also when looking at profiles to do the iggy it shows my friends profile
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