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  1. All Hallows' Eve IV at Absolute The whispers in the dark begin... ... and her eyes widen in surprise when she realizes he has returned... again, her breath catching in her throat as his eerie voice huskily whispers in her ear, bringing a message to us all "The time has come... once more..." 'Twas the day (or two) before Halloween and all through 3DX Your fate will be met, through spell and by hex DJ Rae will be spinning, you will be possessed, Come one, come all, in your finest dress. All ghouls and ghosts, vampires and black cats, Winged creatures like fairies, angels and bats. No matter the costume, a good time is all we care, Come to Absolute, come if you dare! You will tremble with laughter and dance with delight, As we celebrate All Hollows’ Eve... it will be such a sight! Do not fear, but rejoice, your time is at hand, The stage has been set; the party been planned. To be in her good graces, bring much caffeine, And to all a fright night and Happy Halloween. Thursday, October 29, 2020 9PM EST TUNE IN. GET LOUD. ROCK ON.
  2. Absolute Concert Series Presents Special set. Special build; It's time to bring your sword and shield; To defend what you have come to feel... As the place you have called home; With a community you have known; Where the bargies rise and defend their own. The time has come, and the time has passed; The runes of fate have been cast; Nothing was ever meant to last... And here, by six, we stand; Sword and shield in hand; The time has come, our fates are planned. As the tide rises and the tide falls, for... The day returns, but nevermore Will bring the traveler to this shore. TONIGHT 10.22 STARTING AT 9PM EST TUNE IN. GET LOUD. ROCK ON.
  3. Not much to say about this one. It's been several weeks since I have hosted a LF. So, this one is more about what you know, what you think you know, and what you want to hear. Bring those requests. Oh, and by demand, this one is in-world. TUNE IN. GET LOUD. ROCK ON. www.absoluterae.com
  4. The bad part about wearing a mask with a dry sense of humor is that people can't tell when you're joking or just being a dick. The good part about wearing a mask with a dry sense of humor is that people can't tell when you're being a dick or just joking. Random? So is my set. Starts at 9pm EST. See you on the web bitchas! AbsoluteRae TUNE IN. GET LOUD. ROCK ON.
  5. Old school metal and rock. Up the Irons... take a ride with Motorhead. Rock with Dio, Sabbath and Judas Priest. Don't forget Metallica, Megadeth and Pantera. Three hours of in your face music just the way that I like to bring it to Little Friday... oh, and this one is in world! Set starts at 9pm EST on the dot, if not a little earlier. TUNE IN. GET LOUD. ROCK ON.
  6. Lit·tle Fri·day Birthday Bash Got some downtime on a Thursday night? Awesome! Rocking it out at Radio Absolute? A Must! Joining us for Lori and Rhet's amazing birthday bash? Priceless! You know you want it. You need it. Join us at 8pm EST as we celebrate the fantabulous people we 'less than three'. Bring your requests. Bring your birthday wishes. Bring your craving for ROCK! This one IS GOING TO BE 'IN-WORLD'. ___ The Urban dictionary defines Little Friday as the nickname for Thursday. In other words, Friday just called, it said it would be here tomorrow and it's bringin' the alcohol! Whether you are struggling through your week, just cruisin', or you are ready, willing, and desperately waiting for Friday, join us in Absolute where the hard rock will help carry you through the most challenging part of the week. Thursdays are officially known as "Little Fridays" here at Absolute. NEW build. Same rockin' sound! TUNE IN. GET LOUD. ROCK ON.
  7. Wow... it has been a long time since I have posted here. There is a lot going on at the Absolute Rae webiste and if you haven't checked it out in a bit - now is the time to do so. Radio Absolute is presenting another concert series. An entire set dedicated to Volbeat and the celebration of Rhet and Lori's birthday. If you know and love Volbeat (or Lori and Rhet), come and join the party… or if you’re not familiar with either, we WILL make sure you know and love both before you leave this night. Going down here at Radio Absolute, starting at 8pm est. Be there or you will miss an absolutely unique party. “Well the music seems do cover And all the liquid do the colours Well I turn my back and Go for all the better things in order And a gangster keeps on telling That he got a song that matters So I flip a coin towards him Thank you very much for listening…” - Still Counting TUNE IN. GET LOUD. ROCK ON.
  8. It has been a long time coming. It is time to Hit the Lights. Absolute Concert Series presents The Four Horsemen (in various forms), in all their glory (which basically means up to the black album). Am I Evil for thinking the best Metallica IS their early years? I have No Remorse in that thought. If you disagree, we will take a Crash Course in Brain Surgery, skip the Anesthesia, and remedy that mindset. Although, I may be The Unforgiven, The Struggle Within is Sad But True, we will be covering up to the Metallica album, as Nothing Else Matters. Think me Stone Cold Crazy, but Don't Tread on Me... Join me on tonight at 8pm EST, on absoluterae.com as we do a little Damage, Inc at Radio Absolute. Welcome Home (Sanitarium), your Frayed Ends of Sanity will be soothed, your Blackened soul appeased. For Whom the Bells Tolls, your time has come. *Fade to Black* TUNE IN. GET LOUD. ROCK ON.
  9. un·der the cov·ers at absoluterae.com Anyone that has ever been to Absolute, knows that I have an affinity for good cover songs. It is more than just finding a cover. It is finding one that suits the establishment, the genres, and the mood. It is time to take this cover business to a whole new level, with an entire set dedicated to bands who know how to take a good song and make it harder. There will be some compare and contrast. There will be some "what the fracks?". You might love them. There might be some that you feel the original is superior. You will have to be at this week's Little Friday to have the experience and find out for yourself. Under the covers. A whole new way to listen to music. TUNE IN. GET LOUD. ROCK ON.
  10. Exciting news! The website is about 90% complete. Now you can catch Little Friday (and the other sets I do) outside of the confines of 3DX. To quote from my first post on the site, "Well, I finally did it! After all these years of DJing in places, I have decided to make it easy for the people who are interested in hearing my sets on a more global scale. It certainly has been a long-time coming. I kept the site fairly simple as to focus on what really matters... the music. There are definitely a few things to check out though. First, stop by the Broadcast Schedule page to know when a set will be happening. If you don't see a set during a particular day or time, you can drop a note to make suggestions or request a set. Next, check out The Black Cat Chronicles (as I detest the word 'blog') for information on upcoming sets, thoughts on particular music, or potentially learn about some new album or song releases. You just never know what you may find in the BCC. When you can make it for broadcasts, I have set up a quick button to get straight to the music. Right next to it is anothe rbutton for those requests that I know you are craving to make. There is always a feature to chat with me or each other while a set is happening, keeping the exchange as real-time as possible. I look forward to getting your thoughts on how this works for you, so make sure to check out the site completely and give me some feedback. Can't wait until the first set." Well, the time has come and the first Little Friday on absoluterae.com is here. If you want to hear the music you have come to love from Absolute, check out the new site and a more global Little Friday. I hope to see you there. Until then.... rock on. TUNE IN. GET LOUD. ROCK ON.
  11. Little Friday. New stuff. See you tonight. TUNE IN. GET LOUD. ROCK ON.
  12. College applications submitted. Check. Working in my pajamas. Check. The end of the world as we know it? Check. Its been a few weeks, but that pesky application deadlines kept me busy. Who knew the end was nigh? Does the imposed social distancing have you down? Head on over to Absolute for tonight's Little Friday where we will be apocalyptic, and you can rub your sweat soaked body against others inappropriately without CDC recourse. Its the end of the world as we know it people. Come to Absolute and you'll feel fine. TUNE IN. GET LOUD. ROCK ON.
  13. Looks like a repeat... Unfortunately, due to work and other obligations, I will not be hosting Little Friday tomorrow evening, but I hope to see you next week when I can bring you the music you know and love from Absolute. Have a great week all. TUNE IN. GET LOUD. ROCK ON.
  14. Unfortunately, due to work and other obligations, I will not be hosting Little Friday this evening, but I hope to see you next week when I can bring you the music you know and love from Absolute. Have a great week all.
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