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    Safe Haven

    one day all will lose something, whether its friendships, lovers, or your wife. I see so much hate around i wish everyone to just stop , look around, see the people behind the AVIs. dont compete , don't care about the numbers!!! i love going into smaller rooms just so i can have a real conversation! i love going into bigger rooms because i can listen to great music from different DJs, meet new people, and just sit if i choose. Im sorry enough said from me and no i didnt trash anyone . Please all just stop . look. listen .and feel/ have fun ! you never know when it will all be gone. Damn honesty and love is anyones best foot forward
  2. have to go into avtivirus software and allow App. This will solve the issues @jadekali @Samaeliza
  3. @Gizmo @Lisa Thank you, i love the communication and response time.
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