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  1. I think we can agree yes we don't like each other much ,,, and that's ok as we are cordial and don't do drama.. thank you very much for the rest though
  2. i dont see her in many servers that i know of or ever see her doing posters or events is all so that was it hun nothing more
  3. well since you wont use it it doesn't really matter hun , I don't do drama! Its a bot for 3DX Chat events. Simple. again this isnt a bot to compete with anyone or a replacement just an add on advertising bot for 3dx chat event advertising for club owners and more!! thanks hun and if you have any more questions please feel free to PM me i will answer
  4. My bot is in alot of servers as of today, my bot is in no competition with anyone elses bot, 3DX event bot is also approved by discord and developers as well as approval certified. the bot is and can do everything from discord, and if you look up said info again you will find it at top.gg thank you
  5. lol no i am not jade i am my own person. and most people who have met me or have know me know this.. To be for sure i have no problem voicing to prove i am me and anything else lol. An dyes jade is a very dear friend and i do love safe haven !! But we are not the same person or AVI for that matter
  6. Yes again i dont own the game just the bot .. And no one else playing owns the game , they pay the same sub as everyone else and there is no copyright. NO ONE will be banned from bot it is for everyone no matter what Jade
  7. 3DX Xtreme Grand Opening Blue Palace 11AM PST/ 8PM CET with an Amazing build by Evelinka again!!!! She outdid herself as always!!!
  8. Heya Olesya Thank you so much !!!! Truly an honor to have you there and do this video!!!! hugs and kisses Alpha
  9. My personal feelings toward anyone are seperate from the bot and those are personal and bot is business and meant for all 3DX players !!!! but love ya jade anyways lol
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