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  1. The new Chrysler 300 (Dodge Charger)

    2021 Chrysler 300.jpg

    1. panCDCA


      Hopefully it only comes in stick. Muscle cars and sports cars are NOT supposed to be automatics. 


    2. PluushPuussy


      I already totaled a Mustang (manual), so I'm only allowed cars and SUV's. This was a rental, unfortunately, and he didn't let me sit in it for long 😥


  2. Blocked for Suspicious Activity lol wtf 40 Hours, and I had a date tonight! 

    1. PluushPuussy


      We were talking about killing our friends, by request, in clay, for a forum topic. Is that bad?


    2. zigzag


      damn it spoiled our date

  3. What would you say if the guys stopped flirting with you because they were all banned? It may not feel so wearisome but it wouldn't feel good either. Like, 'not even once in a day a guy PMed me about my ass- in a sex world'. That's not a good story, is it? Phukk, by then I would be trying to get another chica to comment on it, just so someone would.
  4. 'Phukk you guys, and I'm not reading your replies. Oh, and phukk you'. That's very demonstrative, Mike. You're probably either from an actor's guild or from a large Italian family. I'm not always at my keyboard in-world and take several days off at a time because of health issues. I also don't respond to everyone because I know it's going to be either for sex or 'hru'. ' I don't want to explain my day to everyone over and over again, like it was the first time to each person. I'm trying to get away from my day for a little while. I also want to explore a little and meet people without dragging someone behind me that I know all the time. Did you notice how many of those sentences started with 'I'? That's because I'm here to be a little selfish.
  5. If it happens again then this will be the first thing I do. Thank you!
  6. I made an outfit from scratch and it's worked so far. I guess my old ones were corrupt, IDK. Thank you for the little push!
  7. I was hoping the test server would solve this for me finally, so I was totally thrilled to log in and find my problem followed me.
  8. It's so you can wear a skirt or dress while you ride it, without it being held up by a crossbar and everyone looking at your vag.
  9. Hey, Bad! Did you know someone was wanting a manual on how to get pregnant in 3DX? I wanted to tell her she could just try to hang some curtains on a Sunday.
  10. I'm only teasing you, Tsela, and only because I know you can take it. If you're playing competitively online you can endure almost any sort of abuse.
  11. You're bragging about Rank 8? All of that horseback archery training from Hundred-Eyes didn't do you a lot of good, did it?
  12. I should tell you guys all about carrying twin boys and how I delivered them three days early so they could get the free stuff for being Christmas babies and how my husband was on the other side of the screen with a phukkin video camera. He even uploaded that shit to FB while I was still in the hospital and was expertly sworn at by my friends. That only told me they saw it all, too! Indignity on top of indignity is what pregnancy is. If you only knew how *hot* it really is lol
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