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  1. Last night was kinda crazy with uploading pics because they would disappear a few minutes after I uploaded them. The largest file I've ever uploaded was 1.31 mb so it could be really zoomed, and it was a .png image. I'm hoping your issues last night were temporary!
  2. Thanks for the like hun, hard times when we cant login =C

    1. PluushPuussy


      IKR I haven't found a fun party since the server-down, so it's not the night I was planning for myself.

      If I see any fun spots to pose at then I'll LYK


  3. Now some of us can't view profiles again.
  4. Thank you. I hope I didn't derail you guys; I waited for two hours to meet my friends so I wouldn't have to go to the sex rooms for music and as soon as we met the patch window came up. I kinda panicked because I just left everyone hanging. Thank you, all of you!
  5. I did and now I have this .. IDK if I should reinstall, or if this is common and will be fixed.
  6. I voted 'yes' because there isn't any dirty dancing and it would help to move closer to the other person. Click and wasd, both, so I kinda missed the right vote.
  7. @β˜™π”Όπ•©β§ Is that what you do in 3dx? You're a builder?
  8. I'm thinking for no interruptions while you're mapping, planning, and working past the draft. When they see their ideas and wonder if it's close enough to what they imagined, and all of that. I would probably alt, too. Only chattin, b/c the clubs are all sex right now.
  9. I use an alt, and it's for a little privacy. Alt's aren't all 'dirty socks'.
  10. Right. I will be if X you are X and Y if you are Y is kind of a copout. More like making you the other person's second.
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