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  1. im not talking bout me im talking bout my guest and the other rooms that are doing this. i rarely open my room sense the new room listings. i no longer boost my room when it is open. but there are many people on here for different reasons and yes most people like the crowded rooms with the most people in them that is a proven fact as there only 3 rooms with more then 20 people in them so is it really my ego? or all the other rooms that are boosting there rooms?
  2. again my point unless your spending gold or the guest of room .rooms are not noticed because people wont scroll that 2 or 3 mouse spins you even pointed out they were told the name to come to and still couldn't find the room lol. and now the reconnect's started again rooms are spending gold to build there rooms faster then the next one only to keep disconnecting minutes later so you get on line spend 1k to build your guest list and boom D/C few minutes later we finally get back on again now you spend 2k and boom D/C
  3. it's ok sweety we will all survive
  4. Love watching all these clubs spend that gold only to crash haha this is really so fair
  5. Alivia when 3dx made it that rooms wont close when the owner goes off line you said oh what a great idea now the rooms on the longest could keep there top ratings now you agree that room owners have to pay to keep people in there clubs. I call that just a bit 2 faced because if 3dx were to change it back you again agree (oh so happy its back) lol. talking about such issues wont get anything done either way..but i agree a top 5 or 10 list would be the answer then the 6 clubs after that can spend gold and possibly knock a top 5 club off but there always only been 5 to 10 clubs that had people. and yes so many clubs with less then 5 makes the list look like total crap there has to be some kinda order
  6. just add a favorites tab where people can add there favorite rooms to find them.
  7. you should know it not me sense you stole everyones ip addresses but lets not go there i gave up on your stupid little Gang that cant do crap
  8. there been patches that work?
  9. all i got was like 3 reconnects then to many trys?
  10. just woke up game down again?
  11. the new room list killed good rooms and not very good idea needs to be changed back


    1. zigzag


      i worked hard to build my reputation as a good club host and was always busy as well as others now you change the way clubs are listed and it's not fair that the popular rooms are not on top. the numbers showing periodic and mixed up because the lower clubs spend 300 gold and still never get anyone are now on top. And the popular clubs that refuse to buy there guest by spending gold now cant get people because our clubs are not on screen and people just don't scroll down. so now we have to spend tons of gold per day to beg people to use our clubs sorry i wont beg people with money to have fun in a game you now ruined the well deserved great club hosts from enjoying the game. Loved the new server but the last update on room listing just isn't fair to us.

    2. WickedSoulDK


      Why is the FUN room not listed above the not so fun rooms... that is really to sell out.. im dissapointed mam... 

    3. Jenny Lakeland

      Jenny Lakeland

      Well I have to agree with Zigzag, just add 2 buttons to sort on amount of visitors, or on roomname, this looks really messed up !  I like to have my favourite rooms (with most or many visitors on top), for the rest no complain and the new update is nice, except the rooms are horrible to sort out now.

      Can you please change that ? I was reading that many people dont like it ! 



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