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  1. zigzag


    I Have a Problem with a few Idiots i see numbers of Strip Clubs, Numbers of Street rooms, numbers of nameless rooms, etc etc etc yet am I the only one that gets these people with no life or enjoyment in the game other then want to come to my room and cry its a copy cat, get some originality are these mindless people going into every strip club and telling those owners they have no ideas of there own lol. Hell really you want to get technical 3dx is the only original for any room . first club, first beach, first yacht, ect ect ect Do You all go in Sins club and screa
  2. the new fonts and back ground on 3dxsharing make it that you can not see the print

    1. Torax


      Hi yes, I will fix this.

    2. zigzag


      ty much better

  3. If the owner of the room gets disconnected the room doesn't close there no reason for a refund for boosting. Plus it would be impossible to refund they have no idea if the owner boosted or a guest. I have been disconnecting a lot the past few days myself isn't always a 3dxchat issue I had to replace my modem and sense that haven't crashed once.
  4. why would you get a refund on your gold for boosting your room hasn't closed nor lost spot on the list when you disconnected. as far as the server being unstable again guess we shouldn't complain we got a couple months of a stable server lol
  5. perfect i totally agree as well as do away with the topping your room
  6. if you click update now with the new patches come out while your online it always seems to get stuck its best to close the game out and come back on and let it install from there
  7. i would consider these as threats as many others i received in time. not that i need to share with anyonebut just a small portion what i had to deal with the ass hole W4RN1NG Newbie Posted 42 minutes ago Hello my friend Zigzag zigzag Advanced Member I dont have friends so who you kidding? W4RN1NG You are not very nice, I am sad now W4RN1NG You deserve a punishment W4RN1NG You deserve a punishment
  8. pictures can be posted where one wishes to post them
  9. true they can but i doubt they are without proof they have done something
  10. they cant ban them just for being affiliated with them
  11. your totally wrong as always nalley offgang started this almost a year ago and i happen to been there first victim so if you thing after giving them a year the devs and myself haven't built enough proof you have no idea. and if you dont like sex rooms your on the wrong site hun
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