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  1. I learned to not mind on there new way of the room listings it made me relize there more and better games then 3dx to play 3dx is ok for sex but other sites are better for those that dont want sex 24/7 and prefer to have nice clubs and entertain
  2. when the top rooms where listed in order and clubs would top there rooms that was when they should had a timer that a club stayed on top after spending gold to be there. not now because even though you top yours and someone else tops right after you only drop one down so why would you need a timer to be exactly on the top. there diffrent times a day people are topping slower and thats normally the only time i waste my gold to top then I stay on the screen at least for hours.
  3. HaHa again we going on with the room listings People should be able to favorite there best rooms and save them time from fuddling through all the rooms with 0 in them to find a room they want. Other then that it's all a money game to 3dxchat because they lost so many subscribers they have to make money somewhere
  4. we need more group poses
  5. i can not install new patch why?
  6. then why can i sign in on one computer but my main computer says to many attempts?
  7. contact them at 3dxhelp@gmail.com
  8. im on east coast and it working fine
  9. Wake up Gizmo or Lisa and answer all these people that can not connect sense the 423 patch went out. communication will go along way with folks you know. i mean really you comment to those complaining lipstick don't work when you have a lot people that have been charged to play yet they can not get on the game
  10. everything worked fine for me yesterday
  11. that was all the days they gave us a few months ago for the DDOS attack when the game was down for days
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