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  1. colds ok means the OWNER doesnt have a problem with colds. The individual has the right to accept what she or he wants.I swear some people need to think. They also have the right to ignore that person. So it is NOT the Same.
  2. I haven't commented for awhile but 3dx is losing people I have lost 7 in the last month because of the room listing and lack of being able to sift through the rooms for great music as well with various options on music and sex. If you want to continue to ruin the app keep it up. You need to have a Scrolling Channel of live/open venues that advertises what they offer. I have never seen lower number of people on at night especially during the week. I recommend fix it now or eventually whither away. Its not that hard. Keep it out of world chat. Keep the current listing . eg. for each listing to scroll ================================================================== # Name Owner Music: trance, rock, dance etc. Offering(3 lines): Fuck, Dance, Bdsm, etc Djs , Rock, Hip Hop etc ====================================================================
  3. IM from the US but the world files work fine to load and edit. The only thing i can think to do based on your info is to remove your version you have been using and install the most recent version from 3dx.
  4. The profiles to click on a person seems to stop showing up after a few clicks on a fe profiles and they showed up before so theres a glitch somewhere. It seems a little haphazard but other people have it happen all of a sudden on one avi you cant click on them but still others you can.
  5. its still funny tho. They could use betty for what they use the game for. lol Maybe they want different betty's and more of them to stay in their rooms? lol or carry their own bettys or one of their choice (boo/bimbo/etc -LOL) to use and abuse when they go to the f__k rooms lol Omg ty for the laugh! lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  6. Ever talk to a woman that was raped maybe you would understand better. I wouldn't want any woman taken thru that experience in a game and relive it. I hope it wouldn't ever come back.
  7. Good idea but i think your asking alot of this software and what its built on .the game would have to be re written, involves alot to add those things more over the current game would have to be re-written and then add those new features. Game would have to be re done . Adding different systems is problematic and this game already has so much on its plate to get right. Im glad you think its easy to port systems smh
  8. Didn't you rant and rave for a reaction? smh ... Stay out of here if you don't want to hear views. Everyone has viewpoints yours is definitely skewed from my point of view. You need to take the initiative with friends and if they dont talk back drop them and move on especially online everyone has lives. Respect that. We dont live in your community so maybe friends outside of here is best for you.
  9. The best way is to design a pose 4 men around the girl because they have to be close enough for the sperm to reach her maybe thats in the pose they could adjust it but due to the small circumference have to limit the number of people and you could do that by activating the group chat. But you can do that now you just have to have 3 or 4 guys individually standing and masturbating around you, each guy has the ability in single poses now but they have to be really close might be best only to have 3 with whats available stand around you and masturbating.
  10. Thats fine Ex IT just wont work well enough. But its ok to disagree. Like i said i don't think you see it the way i do or don't get it but lets leave them out there let 3dx decide what they want to do. Thx for the discussion! ^5
  11. if it said enough that could work, A ticker maybe harder to watch than a separate channel scroller continuing running the room ads just my thoughts.
  12. Yes just a scrolling ad chanel of the rooms open continuously running That way they dont have to keep posting the roooms.I wouldnt expct the devs be on the same channel posting their wares or it would get too convoluted again there needs to be a shopping place for them to show their wares
  13. Like I and others have said; just have the avatar set its OWN default (they can always change their own default, actively) as :none, strap on, penis ; even if the pose calls for one then a female doesn't get caught in an awkward position when the wrong pose was selected.
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