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  1. Merry Christmas everyone!  With much love from the Rarius home to yours!  Hugs B & V


    1. panCDCA
    2. panCDCA


      wanted to see if I could get the GIF without having to send you to the link.... nope.

    3. chloe
  2. Merry Christmas from Florida where all the Santa's go to retire!


  3. Olesya, I am just reading this for first time. Please know that Vaughan and I wish you the best of health. These are scary and dangerous time we live in. Know we love you. Please get well soon!
  4. When V and I return next month remind me to tell you about the lake currently being used....Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving. Stay safe!
  5. We are counting the days till our return.  Till then know that V and I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate.  Stay safe everyone!  

    Kisses my ever handsome and amazing husband goodnight and sweet dreams....smiles 


  6. I know exactly how you feel. I could not have expressed it as well. It is like finding a piece of yourself that you did not know was missing. Foreign yet familiar. Excitingly yet dangerously comfortable. Just sensing you have found your peace and all the pieces fit without any force. Congratulations.
  7. What makes you say that? Would it matter to you that everyone else is not in a position financially to give money away? Covid has hit everyone hard. Sorry you are having a hard time. I cared enough to warn you about posting your bank information.
  8. Why thank you queen of the angels. Coming from you that is the greatest of compliments.
  9. I am on year #4 with paid subscription and won't visit the game of a thief.
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