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  1. With you all as we celebrate Woody...great job DJ's. God Bless and God Speed our friend.
  2. Dancing close with my amazing husband while listening to the Celebration of Life for our dear friend Woody.


  3. oh yes that santa outfit is sooo usable. Socks or a tie would be better option.
  4. We are missing you dear friend. Rest in peace. VR & BWR


  5. There was nothing like Studio 54, before or since. Even if you did not like disco you made the effort to get in the door because once past the door guards you never knew who you'd be sharing the dancefloor with.
  6. He truly was. I was deeply saddened when his son texted me with the news. He'd been ill for a good while but doing better recently. He was a fighter but his strength gave out.
  7. So true!! And lets not even talk about customer service. We tired of trying to get answers. My last response to them was that responses like this are the reason I wont be renewing.
  8. Thank you for this one Randy.  All other memory/Gone Country patches are the fabulous work of Vaughan Rarius.  Each one has come from their hearts and Woody would be so touched....verklempt.


    1. DJMikeBurleigh


      tempted to come out of retirement 

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