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  1. I completely agree with Jack. I've tried other platforms where you pay monthly rent for your own home/property. If I wanted to play a game where it took me 20 minutes to put together a pair of shoes I bought only to find out they do not fit and my toes show through the tips and the designer will not provide a return/exchange for correct size, I would be playing it now.
  2. WE ARE BACK.....and so is the AMAZING SOAP FACTORY!! A night with old friends in honor of STEAK AND BLOWJOB DAY aka the Man's Valentines Day!! This Sunday, March 14th at 3pm EST/7pm GMT We are so excited and looking forward to seeing the Soap open and ROCKING again!! So come on in for a bite to eat (grins) and some classic Soap Shine and enjoy the bubbles and song.
  3. Eva passed of Melanoma in 1996 never knowing of her success.  This version of a classic remains my favorite.

    Eva Cassidy - Over The Rainbow - YouTube

  4. V and I find it difficult to be here without you....still....We know you walk here with us.
  5. Merry Christmas everyone!  With much love from the Rarius home to yours!  Hugs B & V


    1. panCDCA
    2. panCDCA


      wanted to see if I could get the GIF without having to send you to the link.... nope.

    3. chloe
  6. Merry Christmas from Florida where all the Santa's go to retire!


  7. Olesya, I am just reading this for first time. Please know that Vaughan and I wish you the best of health. These are scary and dangerous time we live in. Know we love you. Please get well soon!
  8. When V and I return next month remind me to tell you about the lake currently being used....Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving. Stay safe!
  9. We are counting the days till our return.  Till then know that V and I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate.  Stay safe everyone!  

    Kisses my ever handsome and amazing husband goodnight and sweet dreams....smiles 


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