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  1. What makes you say that? Would it matter to you that everyone else is not in a position financially to give money away? Covid has hit everyone hard. Sorry you are having a hard time. I cared enough to warn you about posting your bank information.
  2. Why thank you queen of the angels. Coming from you that is the greatest of compliments.
  3. I am on year #4 with paid subscription and won't visit the game of a thief.
  4. As the co-owner of a very popular room we NEVER paid to be on top of the list nor will we do it in January when we plan to bring back the Soap. As you know, when you open your room you are/were at the bottom of the list and you expected people to scroll and find you to get any number of people to find it. We opened ours to have a good time and we have found we can go into a room with two people and have a great time. Sometimes even a better time than in those with 100. As I have stated before I am not a fan of the new process either, however. searching for a good room is worth the search and I promise it won't take half the day to scroll through half the rooms. So I remain puzzled over leaving a game for this reason.
  5. You are admitting to the admins that you used the pirated version?
  6. I don't like it either. I never went to rooms just because of the amount of people in it. I am not a fan of BBC rooms or rooms that play mostly electronic noise they call music (not said to offend just personal preference) and those were normally at the top when listing in room occupancy order. But it did help when a friend asked me to join them in a room they could also tell me how many were in the room making it much easier to find. It would be great if a search option was included. PS But it is a rather silly reason to leave the game.
  7. I won't even read it any more let alone post in it.
  8. It is really not wise to put your bank account and debit card information in such a public place.
  9. I could NOT have said it better. Just perfect. ^^^ ❀️
  10. They can argue it all they wish. @Lisa and @Gizmo ban those who open either. I will ignore everyone who opens either or I find attending either. No further discussion needed from me. But I hope the devs pay attention here to how many defend being able to rape on 3DX.
  11. Perhaps some day those who keep insisting there is nothing wrong with rape will have the experience it of it personally. THEN perhaps they will understand why it might be more than a little upsetting to see it's severity minimalized on a game one pays to play. I would ask that "rape" rooms not be allowed to hide names. Makes it so much easier for those triggered by such rooms to ignore the room owner. Then the room will not show up in game listing. Also those who are extremely offended can enter the room and ignore EVERY potential rapist as well as the owner.
  12. Rape is illegal. BDSM is not.
  13. Sighs. Rape. Is. Against. The. TOS. When BDSM becomes against the TOS we shall all have to abide to it as well.
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