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  1. I wish they'd all come back....missing them.
  2. Bans ExHaran as I know her imagination is fabulous.
  3. Night EX!! No, V has gone to bed early this evening to nurse his man flu but I know he'd like me to wish you sweet dreams right back... Me? I am wishing all a fabulous Friday night and sweet dreams when you get there. Perhaps Lady Andrea will post next.....
  4. CCleaner has option for cleaning not only your cache but also registry. It is free. I clean my registry each time I delete or upgrade a software program as the deletion still leaves files behind. It will provide you a list of files recommended for cleaning and you can skip any you feel uncomfortable about. I have never had an issue with 3dx after cleaning registry or cache.
  5. As much as we women complain about the lack of clothing we have, the men are even more neglected in that area. Some actual swim trunks would be nice. A Tuxedo, a suit that a tie can be worn with. Socks even. I am sure the men can contribute more to the list than I can. And from now on when adding an item to either the men's or women's wardrobe include the color wheel!!
  6. It's great...smoke is smoke...
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