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  1. Sorry but with that statement all your other statements, past and future, have lost credibility. If you wish to debate any subject you best be prepared to hear a different opinion handed back to you. This is an open discussion and all opinions have the right to be heard.
  2. Please do not think that these are the majority of any group of people. Haters are always going to hate and there is little that can be changed about that. But there are plenty who can be what society likes to call "Straight" and still love and respect those who think and feel differently. Keep faith that you have an army of supporters behind you wanting what is best for everyone. The haters can bask in the chill of their hate if they like as long as they keep it to themselves.
  3. Most of us would like to have that permanent toggle removed from our screen.
  4. Was not trying to humiliate anyone. Just considering the ease of use for those wanting to be 'fluid'. Truly I meant no disrespect.
  5. I am sorry this has happened to you!! Where regular paid users have been credited with 15 days I think you are entitled to double that. Please don't give up on the game. Have patience but when you can finally log in make sure to get refund or credit for all you are due back.
  6. That may be true for those already with an active account. But those who have not paid their subscription or new accounts cannot log in. I have a few friends who have tried and they are advised they do not have a valid account. The last time they had a test server all were allowed to play for free and it was a great way for old users to see the improvements and know it was worth a return. It is my humble opinion that 3DX is missing out on an opportunity to gain new clients at a time when they may have lost some due to all the crashes.
  7. Your English is fabulous! I am currently learning a second language and I have a great respect for anyone bilingual. I agree a solution must be found. The more happy people on game the better for all.
  8. But the toggle switch would need to still take up space on my screen. And there is no need to go back to wardrobe to remove anything now. Just click on clothes and remove whatever you wish removed.
  9. I am on another game which does give a third gender they call 'SheMales'. Above each player is a name label. On the label of women is their name and a (w) for woman and on the name label for SheMales is an (S). I would think this could also be offensive to some but this is how that game handles it so that men can look and know how that particular individual identifies themselves. Not suggesting this is what should be done, just adding for the sake of conversation.
  10. How do you feel about each player, no matter their gender, having to dress the way they feel best represents them in the character editor/wardrobe?
  11. This is why I suggest that ALL of us "DRESS" the way we wish to dress in wardrobe/character editor. Allows all to be more fluid and change as often as they change their shoes if that is what they wish.
  12. The only time I feel "used" by a man is when I wish to be.
  13. As to poses. A few months back it was pointed out to me that the lesbian poses have a toggle switch so can switch which avi is in top/bottom position. THIS option should be/must be added to every pose. (There are times I'd love to be the one laying with my head resting on his lap) Since they already have the capability I don't see it being a difficult process.
  14. Sorry Bella but as much as I respect all genders this will not work for all of us. As a full female that never has need for a penis I do not wish to have to remember to click a box for my gender each time I log in. I am what I am. I suggest options when getting dressed so all can do as they please. Like any option provided in the wardrobe it can be removed and added at any time in any room.
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