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  1. Read the rules of the game for starters. Rest of it is really just personal preference. Don't be rude.
  2. Enjoy it as we are!!Β  Make the best of it!Β  V and I are learning German together! What are you all doing?


    1. panCDCA


      Cooking and binge watching old shows like Soap, WKRP,Β  Space1999, Buck Rodgers, Logan's Run.... reliving my youth lol.

    2. SusanLouisa


      West Wing is my addiction when binge watching.Β  <3

  3. Thank you to all of our healthcare workers.Β 


  4. All round the world I hear many an echo of fuck COVID-19

    We all seem so inconvenienced by having to sit round and watch films or play on the internet.

    Contacting all, reaching out to say please stay safe.

    For the past hour I have been remembering every concert, every song, every dance with you.

    Every moment, every laugh, every smile, tease and kiss with you.

    Seems a moment ago.Β  Where have the years gone my dear one?

    I got the news an hour ago and I join the chorus of fuck COVID-19.Β  This time its stole a piece of my heart.

    Contacting all, reaching out to say please stay safe.Β  Stay safe so you can enjoy another concert, another song, another dance.Β  Stay safe and enjoy every moment, every laugh, every smile, tease and kiss.


    1. panCDCA


      Sad but.... much love stay safe. Hope all is well.

    2. SusanLouisa


      I am well sweetums, do not worry.Β  I pray you are as well. ~hugs~

  5. Yours, in all ways, always.


  6. twas the night before quarantine and
    all through the town,
    not a restaurant was open,
    not a school-bus was found.

    hand sanitizers were placed by
    all doorposts with care,
    in hopes that Corona would
    never come there.

    the children were swinging from
    the crystal chandeliers, and
    the stir-crazy babies were
    almost in tears.

    with everyone in health masks and
    live updates on their screens,
    we hunkered down and
    waited for COVID-19.

    for into our lives with
    a sneeze and a cough
    came a global pandemic and
    a crash of the stocks.

    away to the grocery
    we all flew like a flash, and
    bought all the toilet paper
    for our personal stash.

    as the moon slowly rose on
    our fates and our fears,
    what to my wandering mind
    should appear?

    in the absence of busyness
    a new life taking form: in
    the stillness of solitude, in
    the silence of the storm.

    in the magic of together and
    home-bound company,
    rediscovering connection in
    our family.

    so with the pup in her kennel and
    the children in their beds,
    new visions of adventures
    now danced in my head!

    the checklists could wait and
    the bank accounts would be fine, for
    we had been given the most
    sacred gift of time.

    so I gathered the markers and
    crayons and paints,
    I collected the nerf guns and
    assembled board games.

    with a wink and a smile I
    moved on to schoolwork:
    math facts and science and
    vocabulary words.

    I laughed as I thought it,
    in spite of myself,
    β€œwhat if quarantine can heal our
    emotional health?”

    if the birds are still singing and
    if the flowers still bloom,
    surely the sunshine can
    overcome our gloom.

    if we set aside fear and
    choose kindness instead,
    maybe we’ll all begin to realize
    we have nothing to dread.

    I tucked back into bed and
    smiled up at the moon, for
    a peace had replaced the
    impending doom.

    so take heart and take hope
    through this curious plight, and
    β€œhappy quarantine to all”
    until we’re allowed to

    Author Unknown

  7. Good Night my love




  8. I did not say you accused anyone. Actually your entire post accused everyone. But you also invited discussion. Yes, a collared sub would be considered off limits by another true Dom based on respect. But this is the choice of the sub as well.
  9. No one is Never going to put "I am a self centered, insensitive, arrogant liar and fake" on their profile so you are just going to have to get past it and find it entertaining.
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