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  1. I was going through some old pictures and came across this one.  It is of me dancing with Lefty and Jersey and another woman.  Since both Lefty and Jersey have passed on I thought she may want to have this picture of them and this is best place to find out who she is.  Even if she wishes to remain silent...the pic is hers if she wants it.


  2. Excellent idea!! 5k is a bit much but yes I would have gladly paid that.
  3. So their right to lie out weighs our right to be safe? Example I was vl married to a guy once who tested me with another guy. I did not take the bait but I ignored it. Next thing I knew I got a really pissed off message from the guy testing me. HE was pissed I ignored him. The nerve!! I had no clue I was ignoring him. But yes it sure was nice to know. And now I know he is out there pulling that crap on others because he can get away with it. Same guy. Gave him a second chance. He blew it. I broke it off again. Then he stalked me. In game and in real life. He told others he was going to come for me to convince me we were meant to be together. I must have blocked 8 different alts by him. Just crazy. And Scary. He was asked to leave me alone by many of my in game friends. He refused to listen. I had to go to the cops to get him to listen. You can say "its just a game" all you want and laugh it off till it crosses a line and some creep is sending you roses and balloons and cards to your rl home and telling people he is coming for you. Then it gets real fast. 3DX has to do something to protect the innocent from the evil. The evil doesn't need to like it.
  4. First question: Must it be connected via smartphone? Can't it be done via computer? Second question: I've seen some with the tag Lovense user or owner on their profiles. Is this an option? I'd rather not have it.
  5. On this, the third anniversary of our first dance: We sway to the music and I push the stray hairs out of your eyes as I gaze into them and whisper “There is still no place else I’d rather be.” And we continue to dance to our song, lost in our magic. Jack Savoretti - Nobody Cept' You (Bob Dylan Cover) - Cosmopolitan Quartet Sessions Ont Sofa - YouTube
  6. No. It does not work via IP. It works via the account. If I ignore you and you have 3 avis on that account all 3 get ignored not just the one. Now if they have more than one account then yes need to ignore that account on one of their avis again.
  7. Can I add different colored ties? Or with a color wheel? And not ties that are wayyyyyyyyy too short. A real TIE. And yes, socks. I don't understand why everyone rolls their eyes at the suggestion. We have been asking for them for years. Whats so difficult about socks? Add a color wheel to them and done and we all shut up about them. Easy.
  8. You don't think that if those playing for free on an illegal version actually PAID to play as we do it would not assist and impact our game play? Look who is being naive now. I may not climb in a cage but I know many who would. I am not naive and this is not the only game I PAY TO PLAY and this has much more upgrades. YOU may enjoy BBC but it's not on my top ten list at all. That is not the point. If you wish to support a pirated game you are certainly free to do so.
  9. It has been 3 beautiful years.  So many said they had fears.

    Yet I knew from the moment I saw your face no one would ever keep your pace.

    You stole me complete, he had no prayer to compete.

    You were just supposed to be some fun, but I could not deny our passion.

    We both swore we would never wed. Why would we when we break the bed?

    16 hour dates went so fast. No matter what we did we had a blast.

    Leaving you was painful if even for an hour. It was only you I wished to devour.

    The stars had it planned I am sure as only fate could have laid me on your plate.

    Fate knew your eyes, your touch, your voice, would surely give me no real choice.

    For only your laughter and depth could have me loving you more than breath.

    I would not change a day in the years since we met. Not a day of them would I choose to forget.

    Thank you for every moment. Thank you for every encouragement.

    It is an honor to stand at your side. It's been and continues to be an amazing ride!

    Always and in all ways, Forever and a day, your B.



  10. I have never visited it nor will I ever. I make it a policy to not support thieves. It is my opinion that each person who makes the choice to use the pirated version reduces our chances of obtaining all the game upgrades we all desire. For the record I'd never wear cow spots either. I am not a cow.
  11. Me too Jade. Every Day. I think we all do. He set the bar high.
  12. Doors Open in an HOUR!! A fabulous line up of DJ's are waiting to spin Jersey style. Let's Rock the Dive again!!
  13. I too had this issue. Thought perhaps was my computer. I would very much hope this could be fixed as well.
  14. There are many times I go into a club and listen to the dj and dance without talking to anyone. I have never seen this as a problem. I sometimes go to admire the build of the room. As a room owner I never took issue with it either. It is not like the number of people in a room are a problem like in other games I have played. I could see if we were limited to 10 person occupancy or 25 people even. So please explain the problem to me? Or is it just that someone was sitting near a fire or in a chair you wanted? Edit to add: When people enter a room and never move from the landing they cause lag. So if lag is your issue when you join a room please move to another area of the room to cut lag for yourself and others.
  15. Two years ago today I woke to your last 'Good Morning' message on discord.

    I replied and got no response.  I looked for you everywhere.  You did not answer my texts or your phone.  Nothing on discord or pm in game or forum.  

    I knew something was horribly wrong.

    When the police called to tell me the news of what they had found I screamed in real life and to V who was standing with me, holding each other tight as we tried to understand what had happened.

    My heart won't ever be the same.  What a blessing it was just to know you and an even greater blessing to call you my best friend and VL brother of the heart.

    R.I.P. Jersey Boy.  Our love for you will never die.




  16. The pose editor in that game has been introduced again. Many are using it and some even have their creations for sale. Should they introduce it here as well the editor would not be limited to just hetero poses and users just as it is not there. A hetero user should not be expected to design a pose they would not use as the instinct is not there. So instead of making this a negative turn it into a positive and encourage those with different sexual preferences to also use the pose editor. Sadly you are correct that there are many more hetero poses than others. So work on changing it.
  17. I rather like the change. It's nice to see the dev's upgrading the graphics and I thank them for their efforts. Breasts do indeed bounce. No matter their size. To expect them to be exactly like real life breasts is a bit of a high reach on the expectation scale.
  18. Sure hope this gets figured out because the last thing I want is an IPhone.
  19. If it all works as claimed....I've not yet tried it myself....then I think it's a fabulous addition. Thanks Giz!
  20. It is once again time to celebrate Jersey's (Shovelhead's) birthday with a party that shakes the walls of The Dive.  We will open the doors at 2pmEST on Saturday, May 29th.  We are starting to arrange the DJ list now so if you are interested please reach out and message me either in game or here in Forum.  Thanks to those who have already messaged me. 

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