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    guess what :D
  1. In this post I would like to introduce the little island I built for people who like to have fun exploring, so if you see Music Island open, maybe have a look at it. The only way to get here is by ship, so this is where you will arrive: at the little harbor of Music Island: f From there you can make your way across the harbor place into the village If you like to have a beer I recommend the Jonah & Whale pub in the village center, your host Music will be glad to serve you a beer: Or maybe you like to look for one of the lonely beaches located on m
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWcyIpul8OE&start_radio=1&list=RDTWcyIpul8OE
  3. Hi devs, when I send someone a gift or a pm, I am not able to view my profile or profiles of others any more, the menu item "Profile" does not react anymore and with the button "My Profile" I just see a black popup….. Greetings Music
  4. Thank you for your kind words, Bridget. Maybe we can spread a bit more warmth over 3DX and the forum
  5. Having successfully passed my probation time in the forum, I guess it is time to start my own diary, containing my impressions, conclusions, opinions and thoughts. Feel free to add your thoughts here, tell me your opinions, as I always like to be in communication. And I ask you to remain respectful within this diary, not valuating or devaluating any contribution or person, I will ignore that anyway as this does not give me anything. The Avi name Didn’t really expect the name ‘Music’ still to be available when I tried it out, but I was just sitting in front of my computer, wondering whi
  6. For me, making the game better for all people, means to show respect to all different ways of playing the game. There is no "right" way of playing it, and sending cold invites is just another way of playing 3dx. If you look at the headcount of the people in "No Chat" rooms, we can be glad that they play the game, as they finance it as well, making it worth for the devs to run it. I don't accept colds, and I do not cold myself, others do so, and telling them they should stop that is as valid as them telling us we should accept them….just an argument about the "right" way of playing 3dx, which d
  7. Hi Sophii, choose "My Profile" from the right bottom menu part, then click on "My Gallery", there you see your photo slots. The free ones show a "Upload Photo" tag. click on it, and a fIle menu appears, letting you choose the picture. Below each picture you uploaded, you find the menu points "Profile Picture" and "Delete", which are quite self explaining then. If it doesn't work, pls tell me where you get stuck. Have fun!!! Music
  8. Dawes: Right on Time This band is a pure gem, such an amazing sound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOldBR-iHDI
  9. A pity, PS, haven't got to know you as much as I would like to have. I enjoyed our (although few ) conversations and wish you all the best.
  10. The problem is, if we would try to get rid of anything that is used in a way we do not like, we would be pushed back to stone age, eat with our fingers (knives can be abused to hurt or kill someone). You will always find people who turn something strange out of a good thing. And you would let them win if you react on that by switching that off. There is possibilities to ignore, overread those things that are not relevant for us. And if some people like to fight each other in WC, let them do so, it is their fight, not mine. I am not much in WC, mainly to say hello to people being active there o
  11. There are people that send colds and there are people that accept colds. Both types of people pay to play the game as all others, so I see no reason to switch off the invite. If you switch off everything that is abused, you get an game without features. So far I go with what Sage Stoner wrote, and I do not go with him telling that parts of Alivia's opinions are BS, this is a valid opinion as the opinion you got, Sage, and there is no reason to devaluate it by calling it BS. I understand that it can be annoying to get several cold invites in a short time, if that is not the way you want to pl
  12. If men have to learn how to approach a girl, there is one question arising: for what purpose? I don't think that it is just a question of the 'right' approach, at least not for me. With having a chat you get the possibility of checking how compatible the partners are for further actions. So the right aporoach is no warranty for sex, and one important thing is to agree, that nothing more than a chat might happen, as one of the partners does not want to go further. I start a chat with someone as i like the profile or based on a communication in lc, but that does not mean that I want to have sex
  13. You nailed it in many aspects, Nikki, just 2 Additions from my side: Always remain yourself. That means, no matter what others do, do not let them soften up the values you are standing for. I have seen so many People Fighting out things and behaving in a way they never wanted to behave. Of course in those cases it is easy to put the blame on the other ones, but I prefer to stay with my values. Someone treating me disrespectful? No matter, that person wins more if I answer to that disrespectful, as he/she made me forget my own values. You have no influence on what the others do, but you
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