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  1. I do not know. I am not a developer.
  2. Sexual and not sexual while sucking on nipples from side to side would be great!
  3. OMG, THANK YOU. They need to fix this.
  4. Why can't I no longer enter my home or go up and down the stairs? If I have to use the portal, then I need the tutorial of how to apply it when customizing. Thanks!
  5. I can no longer go up stairs. Why is that? What can I do to correct this?
  6. Besides a desk top and lap top, what other devices can we access the game with? Any tablets?
  7. You are not the only one. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled and it is stuck on unzipping and I cannot access the game. I have even left it unzipping over night and still no change. I sent a message to technical support through the forum.
  8. only for those who don't care. But great for those of use who would like it
  9. True! Why have them there if the Avi cannot use them? Also can you choose for the appearance of your virtual partner? Also can they climax as well as you can? And can they be made to dance and do all the things you can. They are limited in some ways.
  10. I’d like a pose for strolling along the beach and holding hands or linking pinky fingers or the guy with his hand on her waist from behind. also, can they do a pose for women to lie in their back relaxing? One where she is just relaxing. For the bed, hammock, beach anywhere to lay down. Thanks! Fun Social platform !!!
  11. This is a single person bed pose. It would be nice to be able to lay down like this. Can you make it so? Otherwise, right now, it is in the wrong grouping. Women like to lay back like that thinking too, maybe with the feet crossed and also like to sit back relaxed on the beach like the guys do. Why look all closed up and crunched up like they have it with knees up only? Let us relax :)
  12. Yes there are also different shapes of breasts, and that should be considered. They should have up to size H cups! Men love that shit! LOL!!! it's about having FUN with sexuality!!! So let's have FUN!!
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