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  1. if we exclude poses with anal sex, then there will be nowhere to insert a futa-futa except for the mouth)
  2. yeah, the game by DJ turned out to be a real failure with the graphics of 2005 It's not enough just to want you need to either invest a lot of money in the team or study more 2 or 3 years to create something worthwhile. The longer there are no updates, the more content there will be in the upcoming update.
  3. The problem is known, this is happening not only for you >_> As soon as the fix is ready, it will be released, we can only wait and hope that in the near future > _ <
  4. 1 dynamic physics breast (processed inside the game) 2 breast has a size slider 3 the breast has no compression structure = all this does not make it possible to do animations of sucking licking squeezing
  5. the full bug report was compiled and sent to the developers, it remains only to wait for the solution to appear.
  6. And I want to ask one question, those who vote "No" do you like to customize the character's make-up, the color of his clothes, the color of his underwear, and going out to a location with a different light to see that everything looks completely different from what was intended? the advantage in the case of "YES" is that when you come to the location, you see what time of day and the intensity of the light is, go to customization of the character and set it up with the same lighting and time of day, Now you go the target location you will no longer have unexpected surprises in your external at look.
  7. it seems like you never had a couple with whom you fell asleep together in the evening and waking up in the morning already waited without losing your hug all night
  8. I think you were just shown a new section on the site with animated gifs
  9. at least half of the people do not use the forum and discord, and even more so do not take part in voting. Therefore, polls have never been and will not objectively reflect the situation.
  10. there is a shortcut for launching a window without frames, there is no such function in the game, what is not clear?
  11. Last build installed client. https://mega.nz/file/vWpmmYBQ#aFoV3GIwBp7hPoeIYay2FXc452Wa4SbI4cDcWMiCOWQ you will only need to create a standard desktop shortcut, there is a shortcut in the folder, but it makes the game window borderless.
  12. 461.92 Nvidia Studio All right. 465.89 Nvidia Game Ready also problem. I recommend trying to enable vertical sync and different drivers.
  13. bdsm is rp, and cage are an attribute for wagering rp, no one climbs into your rp, no one condemns your preferences, maybe you should also do the same? p.s. can then speak out against gays, lesbians and futanari? let's leave only heterosexuals, because this is correct from your point of view. If you do not use something, it does not mean that it is not used by others.
  14. This bug arises if you used a bot and left the room without first clicking the cross in the partner's line. This also happens with a living partner. Before you leave, you need to break the partnership by removing the partner from the upper left corner. To fix this, you must close the client and re-enter it. Or go to your room to call a bot, press any pose, cancel it and remove your partner by clicking on the cross. Then you will again take postures in the correct position.
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