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  1. This bug arises if you used a bot and left the room without first clicking the cross in the partner's line. This also happens with a living partner. Before you leave, you need to break the partnership by removing the partner from the upper left corner. To fix this, you must close the client and re-enter it. Or go to your room to call a bot, press any pose, cancel it and remove your partner by clicking on the cross. Then you will again take postures in the correct position.
  2. Happy birthday to the developers and players of this 3dx chat game. ^^
  3. 😘

    rub the belly.jpg

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    2. Nicci


      Still recovering from the virus feeling much better now starting back to work on Saturday 

    3. Takisa


      (( why do you always get all the bad stuff , I am glad that you are recovering, at the same time I am sad, life is not fair to you

    4. Nicci


      😘😀yeah I have had a rough few years but I keep smiling and keep moving forward. It helps that I have friends like you 😽

      love you 

  4. reconnect? big trouble (sarcasm) or do you have absolutely no time to re-enter?)
  5. money never went down the drain, developers always compensated for the loss of time more than the players lost. There is no need to breed misinformation.
  6. ok, will you animate this tail for all existing poses in the game + dancing and walking? your fast tail will turn into work for several months a couple not minutes
  7. again empty words without any demonstration of how this is done in a couple of hours with a donut in one hand ...
  8. Read the money back policy on other platforms such as steam ... before talking about injustice towards you. There are also some multiplayer problems(no online player MK10) and many other , but if you played a certain number of hours, there can be no question of returning. In any case, all subscription questions should be written in support, and not on the forum. p.s. The game is quite stable and does not cause a sick number of problems, over the past 2 days I flew out for just a few minutes 1 time. Before complaining about illegal blocking in the game, you need to read the rules of the
  9. To play other games on Korean Chinese Japanese servers, you also sometimes need vpn. p.s. The developers are doing everything possible so that there are no problems with the connection, do not blame them for the fact that someone bad is trying to ruin your game. if nothing else helps try to contact support directly outside the forum https://3dxchat.com/support/
  10. open paint, save in different formats, try vpn. My profile picture is uploaded in a couple of seconds. Run the game as administrator.
  11. there are those who will specifically make ugly faces thereby spoil the mood of others
  12. Communication problems may also occur on your side, due to the coronovirus, the lines are congested (many people use the Internet) If after reconnect you see full rooms, then the gap is not related to the reboot / unavailability of the server
  13. Funny, what is the difference between the exit button and the browser button refreshing the page? The browser button may be even more convenient since tied to the F5 key. You yourself, without realizing it, get even more functionality ~_^
  14. I think this is a temporary measure to maintain the server’s performance, in the future the restrictions will have to be removed
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