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  1. @Gizmo @Lisa Can you guys look into this problem aswell? Would be appreciated.
  2. Longshot but have you tried running patcher as admin?
  3. It´s not just the lips, i think something got changed unwantedly with the skin, which also effects the nipples. Even the spots on the face suddenly look differently with the same sliders as before the update.
  4. So with build 423 it seems to me there was a change to something that changed up the nipples, form wise, texture wise, also got told they can be seen ontop of the latex catsuit aswell. So please revert whatever caused this, they look not good anymore .
  5. Well that confirms it then something has been done to them, they look different aswell.... REVERT thanks
  6. Is it just me or did the nipples get completely changed? Can we please revert that? I liked them better before
  7. Hotfix already got announced in World Chat by Lisa, no idea when it comes though.
  8. Hotfix already got announced in world chat by Lisa, hope that fixes the mannequin reproduction xD
  9. She asked about that fucking Too many attempts stuff, and thats when you logged in too much in a row and takes around 15 minutes for the cooldown. Im aware of the server being down for hours, maybe inform yourself before you talk to someone that tries to help. And whilst the server is down it turns on for whatever reason aswell, probably to prevent log in attempts or something. Here the fact that "Too many attempts" is a function that got added in "Build 422" topic if you dont believe me:)
  10. Servers are currently down, so it stays there to prevent log in attempts at this time, normally it should be 10- 15 minutes i think maybe im wrong.
  11. Maybe you should read the news topic for a change
  12. They already did they said But what can you believe and what not these days
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