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  1. the tangent thing has been fixed also xgold buying is available again also the room only closes when last visitor leaves if the host goes offline.. They had the friendslist different before, like last you added was at top, now its some random pattern.
  2. We had that topic dozen times before... no need to make another one to that collection. Can read more here.
  3. People tend to not be smart with stuff like that on here
  4. There´s a number saying how many friends you got just saying 😊 No need to count 😛
  5. Not really since its 2 versions behind the one Lisa posted the mega link of in discord which i linked here
  6. https://mega.nz/file/JRJUiKiS#03hwmAXPb1IbQjIcmpo6pR0eqf6slvipRa1dnppXlhw Newest version no patching needed
  7. https://mega.nz/file/JRJUiKiS#03hwmAXPb1IbQjIcmpo6pR0eqf6slvipRa1dnppXlhw Posted in discord and its the latest version.
  8. YOu cant at the moment if you arent already subbed.
  9. You cant join currently anyways.
  10. Hopefully there will be another option for those getting charged honestly.
  11. I mean i cant help you i just gave you one option, maybe there´s another the devs can tell you >.<
  12. Then request a refund at BMT easy as that.
  13. They wanna see if you can animate i guess, before handing them out, idc bout that personally, just what i got told >.<
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