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  1. Check #rules, you need to verify for it to show up
  2. There is a world chat in discord now and an event channel, as of recently
  3. Its against the general game ruless but sure lets ignore that fact
  4. Its not the first time.. Its been a few of those already and that its this crowded disgusts me to be honest @Gizmo@Lisa
  5. It can literally be just a little hitch in your internet that causes you to lose connection, nothing the devs could do about that, if your net just cuts out for a second it might throw you out.
  6. I dont wanna talk bad about the tails they teased on discord already but, I seriously hope the devs thought this through and are aware that they will clip through every possible object. Hope they act right in poses and not just clip through people aswell. Dont just add them, make sure they really are implemented well. Please dont bring them halfbaked thats all i ask.. Whats peoples opinion on this :)? Heres a gifs of them for those who havent seen it 293d59b289b75ed1d5fef10158ca4991.mp4
  7. and regarding the space ship.... "we on a trip in our favorite rocketship, zoooming through the sky, little einsteins..." I mean what?
  8. It had a reason why they disabled it i forgot which though And the forum updates itself if the engine updates technically. But to stay on the tipic, fix them badonkers :3
  9. its more that the anal version rotates 90° on the same trigger where the vaginal pose is aligned correctly..
  10. Cut your hair then, problem solved (sarcasm)
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