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  1. Im currently in, dunno how long though. can see rooms and all that
  2. Just use an chrome extension, all my websites have darkmode now, if you hate the white screens
  3. Her name aint Leelo on the game though
  4. I just tried it, you can either copy and paste the link in a new tab or even just write it yourself 3dxchat.com/download.php in the url bar
  5. Seeing all the people in Sin, i think its you with the issue.
  6. Just tagging them for good measure again so they have more notifications... @Gizmo @Lisa
  7. Just use Shift+ Z when not clicked int the chat and then you can cum with 1 and 2
  8. I can moan/orgasm when the UI is invisible *shrugs*
  9. It literally means, you will get charged when your 6months end to renew, the plus 1 added month doesnt push back the renewal date of your subscription.
  10. 3dxhelp@gmail.com but since you dont know your email password that might be a bit hard
  11. How can you not know any of your passwords? ^^ You can try your luck with the support
  12. Thats kinda suspicious, just saying
  13. F5 key is only for the camera movement with WASD you hold right click if you hit f5 and then use wasd to move around whilst still holding right click
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