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    I love my Domina. I love my FEMDOM.
  1. Good afternoon. When I enter the game and I am alone, the game works fine, but as soon as someone appears or I go into the room with a lot of people, the connection is immediately lost. I solved this problem using VPN. As soon as I turn on the VPN, the game works fine. I paid money for the game, and I should not use other programs (especially paid ones) for the game. I understand that the attack is on, but I hope that when everything normalizes, it will be possible to play without VPN. I would like to receive comments on this subject from the support service.
  2. As soon as I started using VPN, the game began to work normally. I think this is wrong. Money was paid for the game and I should not use other paid programs.
  3. Hello everyone. When I am alone in the room, the game works. But as soon as someone else appears, the connection is lost immediately. Who has the same problem and how to solve it? I reinstalled the game, added it to the list of exceptions, nothing helps.
  4. I have the same problem. Everything is fine in my room, but as soon as I go to another room the connection is lost.
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