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  1. It's not an issue caused by my connexion, internet work without any problem on any other games or software...So i don't think it came from me, and yes i see a lot of people on some world so i don't think it's a general issue, but still, i can't connect in ANY room, i tried like 20 of them, to crowded room from 0 people room, it's always the same "Connexion lost" error within one or two minutes. Sometimes i success to load 2-3 people on map but i'm disconnected pretty fast. And if it's a connexion issue from me, why i can stay on the edit character more than 30 minutes without any issue, and still able to talk with friends or world ? It's only when i go into a room that the bug occure. PS : I tried a clean uninstall and reinstall and test with some other wi-fi of my neighboor, same bug each time. EDIT : It seems to work much better on my phone 4G...Still have some connexion lost but i can load peoples in the room...Any idea how to fix this ?
  2. Yeah Gizmo says that But it seems it's not working for everyone. Everytime i enter in a room, even my home in solo, i can charge the environnement but not the other player, it only display new arrivants and after one minute, i have a connexion lost. And it happens EVERYTIME, i tried few times over the last hour, it's always the same shit. So don't say it's restored when it obviously not work for everyone. Is there someone that have the same issues ? And is there a solution to this problem ? I saw that a lot of people are in some rooms/worlds so I suppose not all have this issue... Ps : I already tried to launch the game in admin mode, without antivirus software, and trying to connect with US direct AND EU proxy, even with a personnal proxy. (I live in France, if it changes anything) Edit : Tried a full reinstallation of the game + reset of antivirus exclusion, nothing change... I can stay as much as i want on the edit character page but can't enter any room, shared or private, i tried in a friend's house, it's the same.
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