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  1. Is there a 3dxchat advertisement I can add to my website? Thanks
  2. I will try if it happens again thanks
  3. OK, thanks, that makes sence ...
  4. Thanks for the reply .... I have an Alt for my public room and it saw the same images, so not sure?
  5. Hi, this is the second time this has happened, I get another users images over my images in my gallery. Click on them and my original image is shown, but if anyone looks in my gallery they see someone elses images? ... The images are from the gallery of someone in the same room as me ... any idea whats going on? Deleting and re-uploading my images fixes it, but still, I don't want to be continually checking my gallery ... Oh and logging on and off doesn't resolve the issue.
  6. Yes, you are right Meiling ... when I find my BMT order ID I will ask 3dxchat to reset the room to default, thanks
  7. Thanks, but I have many World files, which I have no problem finding or deleting/copying ... The problem is when I enter the World editor 3DXchat crashes ....so I can't even load the default room. I just need to load a room without the bug .... but I can't because 3dx crashes immediately
  8. Hi, for some reason one of my Alts has a bugged room ... If I try to enter the world editor 3dxchat crashes? I just want to delete the bugged build, but I can't get into the world editor, as I said, without the game crashing ... is there a way to delete the world in the files of the app? or any other suggestion .... My other world with my other Alt doesn't crash? I have a beefy rtx 3090 PC so its not my PC
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