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  1. Your memories are treasured within my heart, especially because you're no longer here... Memories of the good times we both shared remain forever dear.  You were a wonderful friend in more ways than one - You were truly one in a million... You made me laugh, you made me smile . You gave me much joy. I miss you dearly. For all that you were, and for all that you did You remain very special indeed.... I'm grateful for the times we had together. I'll cherish my memories of you forever.



  2. it would be great if we could design our own clothes an shoes,we would be rocking then
  3. well nice night for a disconnection
  4. it is what it is,just got to wait for it lol,im stuck to hehe
  5. welcome to 3dx hope you enjoy your stay!!!!
  6. Happy 3rd 3dx Birthday sweets big hugz an kisses
  7. sad face jumps up an down i want to get on 3dx
  8. oh this is a great game, you got to love it,the people are awesome
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