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  1. Happy birthday, my dear biene! Have a great time and wishing you always the best xD
  2. Thugsta

    Thank you all

    We talked once and i found you are a nice person , take a small break and come back refreshed, always helps in here... Seeing so many posts in here says alot about how much people want you back in here And if you are back, feel free to block those trouble makin peeps out, remember its your world
  3. Congrats CC and Gaya.. Diti and me will be there
  4. Congrats buddy... me and diti will be there ofc
  5. That seems like a great party!
  6. Thanks for the lovely pic bro
  7. To all our dear Friends, we are getting married!! Its a Double Wedding ! Wedding will be held in a Friends or Group only Room Date: Feb 5th 2016 Time : 1500H GMT Wedding Party At NightClub (NC) hosted by Dj Nixxx Gift Invitations will be sent out.Hoping to see all lovely good friends. In the event of a Group only Room, PM me for an invite Special Thanks to Biene for the lovely pics!
  8. Thanks Miyu! Love the surprise party and pics <3
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