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  1. We need fun shit to do in this game! Only so much Fucking a person can do!! Make this game fun again!!! Please!!
  2. Can anyone help with Traktor set up?
  3. I think we need a new area. I would like to see a city street with a bar/ outdoor club with a pool to dance in. Maybe an alley way to sneak behind for a quickie?
  4. How about Hey baby gurl I know you must be tired, because you been running through my mind all night! Lame! You just met the chick how was she running through... Any way! lol
  5. I think having over the top of the head call out bubbles would add a new dynamic to the games communication. Maybe start out with common sayings like Hello, Yes, No, Fuck Me!, Fuck You!, You know common sayings lol There have been times I would like to just say what's up in passing or a pick up line so you wouldn't have to be PMing people. You could have a convo out in the open amongst just a few as to having to share in world or local. Might be a fun option. In the write text field you could have a send button and an image of a call out bubble to differentiate between saying something in world or just a call out bubble. What do you think?
  6. https://youtu.be/kCF79-opw14 has anyone tried this yet?
  7. Congrats My Gee!! Sorry I missed it! Beautiful Event!! Awesome pics.
  8. How many of you guys thought you were kicking it with a woman then come to the forum and find out she was a man? how did you feel and what did you do?
  9. I am ever so grateful for finding my baby! You the best ma!!
  10. Some NYC swag is still poppin to this very day! http://youtu.be/adbiURhN8sg
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