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  1. Sue Storm getting absolutely wrecked by Adrian Griffin
  2. @Mike Turtle Unfortunately you came to the wrong place to vent frustrations about the game. In-game, you are definitely more likely to get ignored (literally or figuratively) but on these forums you can get straight up attacked. Be careful out there. Choose your friends wisely and you enemies even more so.
  3. New DLC - The 'COLDER' Perks: Acceptance: All Requests Auto-Accepted Speed Kills: All poses cycled in 5 second intervals Control Freak: Once partnered, victim's UI disappears
  4. Great idea. Also allows for potential feedback without having to share world or open up and beg people to come look.
  5. After watching some episodes of Ozark, I was inspired...
  6. /me thinks if they do, someone SEVERELY misinterpreted them....
  7. LOL, guess I need to fire my Promo person for slacking... ....... wait, that's me...???
  8. Opening MondayJune 22nd @ 7pm EST Come join us and Dance till you drop on the Checkerz dance platforms or just hang out and chill over @ the GreenRoom Live DJ
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