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  1. ok....some of these I know nothing about ...but the one about hookers scamming very rarely happened at Achat....and I had them quickly banned when I was a Mentor there and Vaughn(also a mentor) will back me up on that .....it is in every hookers best interest to have them removed and they were.....It is bad for business for brothels to have that kind of reputation and it doesn't take long to find out 99.9% were honest escorts that never ripped off anyone....I believe the players in 3dx are even MORE honest because they have to pay to be here.....I don't really see this as being an issue at all I don't blame you for being skittish about it ....like most players are right now(even my own tech administrator has misgivings about this)but I believe the masses will come around eventually and the gold exchange will be as common here as its been for years on Achat also....I'm going to take a wild stab here and predict that Gizmo will soon be introducing his version of "Mentors".
  2. COME JOIN US AND OUR FRIENDS! GET FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS AND GIFT CARDS!!! at Safe Haven #1 3DX Private Discord Server Over SIX HUNDRED members! Need a DJ or dance team for ur room? We have the largest selection to choose from! https://discord.gg/2a6KbEe
  3. Discord is NOT 3dx......it is not quite as easy to get away with alts and thanks for the free advertisng.....we'll take all we can get these days.....lol
  4. It is a double-edged sword to have 230 friends.....true....some were your friends once......but left the game because they got disgusted with the rest of the people they met and quit playing without even bothering to tell you.... There is also the endless alt parade to deal with......there is a good chance you only really have 23 friends with TEN ALTS EACH........lol How do you keep track of such nonsense?.....it's practically impossible in my opinion.......just go with the flow.....and relax.....if they are REALLY ur friend....they will will show up in one form or another
  5. Before you give up Mike ....think about creating your own Discord.....It is a good way to know who your true friends are and they will be far less transient then the ones you meet in the game.....also it will help you organize parties better
  6. This all breaks down to what everyone's opinion of what is spam. Obviously 3dx has a very loose interpretation of it now. as far as my own opinion goes..... the constant foot long ads of some rooms is what I think of spam. Skydiver's coffee toons and links to youtube are not....ESPECIALLY Olesya's links to youtube that only promote the game....I think 3dx shot themselves in the foot on this one folks.....lol
  7. jadekali

    Thank you

    Always our pleasure MeiLing......hope to see you again!
  8. Nope.....I got banned for trying to recruit clan members to Safe Haven...... Although it seems people get banned for ANYTHING .....SO I just stay away from wc now...
  9. "To be or not to be Bacon?....That is the question-whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer scrambled eggs and waffles on the side or to take bagels against a sea of cream cheese,And,by opposing.eat them?"The idea of whether it is better to smoke or fry. -William Shakespeare,"HAMlet"
  10. Yea,though I walk through the Valley of Bacon...I shall fear no griddle.... For You are with me,Your fat and salt comfort me....
  11. She calls herself a police officer but only worries about MY offences....she doesn't go after the the REAL offenders .....THE DEVS THAT NEVER COMMUNICATE WITH US!
  12. You don't believe in fair play because you only post portions of quotes so you can bend and twist them to your own designs. Laws must apply to EVERYONE. Not to whoever curries your favor ...but to ALL THE PEOPLE!
  13. zzzzzzzzzzzz nvm.....stay here......you are too boring today....
  14. Please don't waste ur hate here....I get get much more new membership in Safe Haven when u are on MY thread
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