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  1. Well, I think its easy to say now that the Devs don't care if people modify there avatar files. They added a reset for the avatar and during the Halloween contest a person used a material that can't used on the wedding dress won. So be creative, change what you want and don't worry. Clearly it okay with the dev team.
  2. Wonderful interview Diana and thanks for sharing with the community. Hopefully one day I'll meet ya around!
  3. I'd love to have this added in... just a simple toggle next to the clothes along with the purses, right?!?!
  4. I'm completely confused at why it matters if, when and where the Dev's play. Honestly this is so vague that I'm not sure anyone will notice or show any care Wendy. Take care though, and I really liked all your places.
  5. Let tell you a story, a story about me and a friend. So one day I'm surfing through all the wonderful worlds and I come across the most beautiful place, a world that clearly took many months (if not years) to make that I was overwhelmed by its sheer beauty. This wasn't a room made for a "Cold Fuck Room" it was art. So I think to myself, yeah, I can do something similar maybe not everything or as good but something that I can make and call it mine. So I go searching through Google finding all the ideas and pictures I need to start my new project and get right to work... one hour turns in two, then another and then a day and a week... and finally after over a month I'm finished. I'm so very proud of myself that I even tried, that I stayed focused and never changed the goal that I set out to create. And this is were it all goes downhill. I'm of course excited and I want to show everyone, and well... so I did. Some loved it and some clearly not as much but I was happy that my project was seen and that's all I cared about at the time. Then one of my friends asks, could I have the file? Now I'm kind of private and almost ever show my work so I thought, sure why not, thinking they would use the work as is. The next time I'm on this friend ask me to come look at all the 'changes' that they made for me and I'm thinking... "Oh no, changes?" but hey, maybe all they did was downloaded a few objects and inserted them into the room.. okay, I'm not super happy but I can deal with it. I mean, something I spent more then month on was changed in less then a day... keep a open mind Bella I think, stop worrying it'll be fine and I'm invited to take a look... and I'm immediately heart broken. They had ripped off walls, changed colors throughout the room, downloaded a sex dungeon and bunch of other rooms stitching them in the most horrific way.. worse yet it had nothing to do with what vibes I was trying to create and mentally I was devastated. This wasn't what I wanted people to see, not in anyway would I make something that looked so terrible but there I am staring at my masterpiece torn apart in a day and looking nothing like the way I wanted it. I was beyond upset but hey, I shared it and that was the risks I took trusting anyone at all... call me stupid for ever thinking to be kind enough to share. After having the experience that I did I would love to have the ability to lock the room and then share it so someone other then myself can show it off but are not able to modified it whatsoever. Then as updates roll out I can add them in and make new revisions but in the way I want them or maybe even through suggestions. This might even make me want to share more, maybe all my work if the in the future we had the ability to lock it down completely. If you ask me I'm a firm yes but give me this option Gizmo. It's all some of the members are asking for. Thanks from your friend, BellaGirl
  6. If you really wanna mess with people changing your work, join everything and turn 3 degrees, lol. Serious though, I love to share my work and if I'm lucky enough to see someone has a creation I made in their room I actually feel quite proud. It's something I look forward to when out exploring in the worlds of 3DX... and as far as encryption on the file so it can't be modified, I'd love to see that added and I'm sure it would solve so many issues. Just my thoughts on the the subject.
  7. Also, this is on Discord just in case you missed the post.
  8. Or release updates on the Beta (test) server to actually test something? I know, crazy thinking but just a thought.
  9. Geez, after seeing this I decided to follow and look through the patches and just WOW, I forgot how quickly we received them back then. I completely forgot that we usually got them every few months, sometimes only weeks. Thanks for the link and the memories!
  10. I sure am and on Summer vacation... Yay me, and take care Kat!
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