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  1. Lets have a party with everyone with a pale face, great idea.
  2. Maybe someday but that's been asked over and over without a single addition yet. Sorry but most of 3D has given up waiting.
  3. Why they opted out to add this with the whole nipple update is just weird. Kinda lazy work if you ask me.
  4. Even just the basic tails would be nice but might have to wait around for 5-10 years before we see that. Thanks Alivia for keeping on with all your inspirations. Hope you never stop.
  5. They did in fact reduce the quality/size down but this happened around June or July when they were having the issues with keeping the server running. I wasn't very happy about it either.
  6. For the third time they have shut down server and I've lost my accumulative gold for logging in everyday. I know this doesn't sound like a big issue to most but I like to buy photo slots with the gold. I've never received any compensation each time even though they say they have on the login screen. Anyways, if anyone knows where or what you do to receive the compensation please leave a link for me and maybe others here. Thank in advanced!
  7. Because you ran out you can have all of mine! /me tosses all her emoji's over to Alivia
  8. If this ship is sinking does anyone have the name of something better at this point in time? The reality, we have to wait and I don't mean for them to fix everything here because that's never gonna happen. More like the next best replacement game, whatever year that is... so poop.
  9. I'm still wondering if this is a test server and our time is still frozen. We've never been told if the patch 422 removed the free play or not. Anyone at all know? I guess why I'm asking is... Are we paying for this?!
  10. Are you drinking Charlie Sheen's tiger blood? Winning!
  11. Are we on free play and a test server still? I'm just curious because I've never heard if that has changed with the latest update.
  12. You brought up a good point. Pretty much kills the whole concept without a protection to the files. Its always fun to dream a little.
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