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  1. Looks awesome!! Ya did a good job Alls
  2. CurlyD

    Thank you all

    You will be missed dearly Ayon! It was a pleasure getting to know you and being friends. I always had a great time at your parties and your rooms were some of the best ones in 3DX and we will always remember them for the works of art they are. Best wishes for you and whatever your future entails <3
  3. miss you XoXo <3

    1. CurlyD


      Miss you! XOXO <3

  4. Hear an echo everywhere I go. Also using the same settings from 2.0 and characters look blurry and pixelated
  5. nvm fixed it...just needed to restart
  6. Have this problem where I go to my friends profile but says I can't view it but everything is fine on their end and can message me and send me gifts but I can't do anything. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks
  7. Congrats to the Cubs they deserved it. My Indians weren't even supposed to be there with all of our injuries to key players. We'll be ready for the rematch next year!! PS...it's 11:56am and Michigan still sucks
  8. It worked! Thanks a lot!
  9. I'm having a problem with the sound in game. It was working fine yesterday but then late last night it just stopped working. I can't hear music or even the background noises. I uninstalled the beta and reinstalled it but still no sound. Not sure what to do to fix this...any ideas would be appreciated. My laptop sound is completely fine because I can watch videos on YouTube and listen to music perfectly so it has to be an issue with the game.
  10. I have no audio in game and am not sure what to do about fixing this problem. It was working all day until a couple hours ago and it just stopped working.
  11. A friend of mine was wondering if she can change the name of a character she just bought a new slot for or if she deletes that character would she still have that slot open to create a new character again?
  12. "The best way to predict the future is to create it." Abe Lincoln "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney "When I'm sad I stop being sad and be awesome instead." Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother) "With great power comes great responsibility." Batman
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