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    At the opposite of your world.
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    I' m Gaya. My Lycan name is " Kurama Red Deamon "

    I find my moon ❤CosmosCookie❤ and married him the 24 of september 2016.
    He gave me his heart and the sun,
    ❤ Lika ❤ Which is the treasure of our life.
    And you both are my breath.

    I've amazing friends and an amazing family.They know who they are and I love you all so much. Kiss Kiss.

    01/22/16 - 01/25/16 - 01/27/16 - 04/24/16 - 08/22/16 - 09/24/16

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  1. Iggy myself .. I don't use dll and I already reinstall all pls ... thks https://gyazo.com/386df6013cb6ac7cba6e05196af3cb3f
  2. Gaya

    Thank you all

    Hello Ayon, We dont know each other but i just wanted to let you know, im very sorry you left but i hope you will come back. For sure you have friends you are amazing just with your work we can say you are an amazing person. Maybe just a break and time aways could help. Affectionately Gaya
  3. Youhouuuu kiss kiss Can't log on too !!!!!!
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