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  1. Yes, escorts come in all possible shapes, sizes, personalities...and this diversity is good. Personally, my view points are in almost all cases very similar if not the same from the escort from the video. I did in the end of the day look on clients as that, and on my part as an service that I offer, of course voluntary out of my fantasy since the symbolic payment had no major importance to me, even though many clients have forget or have get lost in fantasies and behaved....as they would really pay me with real money, and here I personally have drawn the line, I was always the one who was in control, and the only control any client had by me was only the illusion of control I had give him. Of course I stayed with some over the time, but this was more exceptions as norms by me.
  2. @robo Very interesting and respect for your courage! I think such kind of stuff does help to understand or get a more realistic insight into a seemingly mysterious world, which attracts many curiosity in real and virtual world, while at the same time also from some condemnation and indignation. I have to say I've did some of the things you mention when I had started out, in terms of mindlessly accepting offers even though I was not in the mood for it. With the time I realized that it's impossible to do escorts that way, as you mentioned yourself, it can be seen, when the escort is not there where she should be with the mind, which is a good recipe for a bad experience for both parties. Personally, I had look at the client, roughly out of sight of a one night stand partner.
  3. Okay robo, take your time with it and and, of course if any other man want's to answer the questions, or describe his experiences with escorts. I know many of you want anonymity, but if you are one of my past clients and read this..and you would like to share your experience, I don't have problems with it, I would love to hear how you choose the escort, what's important for you, of course if you have enjoy the time with me, if you will say no, I will hunt you down!!!!! πŸ˜…
  4. @Kemistry Yes, I have read them, very interesting! @ robo Hello Robo, thx. I should interview you?:p. I wasn't prepared for that, ahaha, sure there comes few questions to my mind now for the client side. As you wish!! But my questions will be brutally frank, direct...no mercy...same as I did answered questions above, and will answer some more in the future and maybe some other escorts too:). But of course if my questions are too uncomfortable... to answer or anything like that, no need to do it, all okay:). Here we go: Why do you use an escort service? What do you like at most by escorts? What do you dislike at most when escorts do? I mean, gives there a common mistake that escorts do and it's very annoying? Turns you off a lot? Do you see here escort(s) often? Did you had ever developed feelings for an escort here? Anything else you would like to known the escorts out there? That's is it...what came to my mind,..so your turn.
  5. Aww thank you all! Even though if click on your links Kemistry i get this: Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/H'' I will try to log in there and view the content.
  6. A while back I came across an interesting channel on YouTube called: Ask An Escort, where one escort answering questions, which she often gets as well as she clarify many other stereotypes, misconceptions..that surround this field. I decided I'll do the same here for online version, which of course varies greatly. In certain areas is completely different from real world, while In many areas there gives no difference between. Personally, I'm surprised how many questions I'm receiving about this and how much curiosity there is. So I decided I will do a shorter version of ''Ask an Escort'' By this I am inviting also all other escorts to participate here and maybe post their own experience, answers on some questions and view points, so that people can see how much views... differ from one escort to another and so on. Also if you have any questions,...just post them bellow. I should also mention at this point, that currently I'm not doing escorts. Okay here we go: 1. A very common question or statement that I get or misconception that I notice is: YOU DO/DID THIS ONLY TO GET MANY GIFTS - GIFT NUMBER! Answer: While there are no doubt SOME escorts out there and people who consider GIFT number as an status symbol, or girls who do this, just do get few gifts, NOT ALL do this because of gifts. I've been here an escort for about 2 years, in this time I have delate - reset my gifts 3 times to ZERO, well I have let only 4-5 gifts left from friends for respect for them. For me, is the jump into the escort world a kink. A fantasy, that I wanted to explore, a safe way to explore. While this SAFE part play a major role and is the key point why I would not do it in physical world. HOW MANY CLIENTS DID YOU HAVE? Answer: Somewhere between 150 - 250. I've been here most of the time so called ''freelance escort.'' Freelance escort means that they are not ''working'' for any certain brothel, club,..but they get most clients from public rooms or temporarily brothel work. Escorts in brothels here have usually many more clients as freelance escorts, in so far they active member of an (active) brothel. Currently there gives no active brothels, maybe White House Palace, I'm not sure. But also in various escort clubs as White Breeze, Premium Escort, LUVENUS...can go the numbers very fast, very high up. Given that I was an escort for almost 2 years, can give you a approximate number of clients I had in a month.. DID YOU ENJOY BEING AN ESCORT? Answer: Mostly yes. Definitely I have come across people by escorting here, that I would never meet otherwise, diversity is immense. Of course, not all of my clients were my type. In fact, some of them were quite antipathetic to me, I have just wonder about the arrogance,..of some people, hard to come across the lvl of it even in the movies. Although it is a myth that escort visit only ugly, unwanted,..man. I had many clients which was very friendly, charming, very caring to me. WHAT WAS / ARE YOUR RATES, HOW DO YOU DECIDE THEM? Answer: There are no predefined numbers, each escort decide her rates on her own. Some escort count various wishes extra, as wearing certain clothes...I charged very differently, usually ''the standard' 30 min = 1 gift. My highest rate was 3 gifts for 15 minutes. 30 min. was usually always my MAX. time I was available for hire. WHY ARE ESCORTS FOCUSED ON 30 MINUTES? Answer: Because people can't pay here with real money. Escorts offer here real service and get nothing for return, so of course - what they are willing to offer and give is very, very limiting. I'm offering a real service and get back useless gifts, people can't even pay here with anything useful. This game does not have such options. If this would be possible, then I would accept also offers that I stay over the evening with someone, go to a Love island, fulfil bigger fantasies and desires, stay with them for hours...but not for GIFTS. This is an insult. People do not call on a sex hotline and say to a girl - I will send you a smiley for payment. So until people can't pay here with real money or useful stuff I would not accept such offers, nor I think any other escorts will. And I also think whole escort thing will stay here as it is now, very limiting, and clients should keep this in mind - always!! and not try to make out of 30 min. 31 minutes, 35 min, 40...if they can't pay. Gosh I dislike this so much when they try this. Also paying escort here with xGOLD is useless currency, same as GIFTS. WILL YOU DO ESCORTS AGAIN? Answer: Maybe, currently I enjoy talking with people, hang out with people that I find interesting...getting to know them more. While I was doing escorts I could not find (very) often time for this. I spend here limited time, I was never and I'm not now online for very long periods of time, thus I try somehow navigate what to do with the time that I spend here. DID/DO YOU ACCEPT ALL CLIENTS? Answer: No. As everyone else, escorts also have limits. As mentioned above, especially here when the payment is symbolic. I always asked the client which was about to hire me, what does he wish? Sexual desires...if I saw that he was shy, or uncomfortable saying to me straight ahead I tried to relax him joke around a bit..but It was always very important for me to know in advance what the client wants from me, for my own security, well-being also, so that the following did not happened. I did not accept hardcore BDSM desires, deepthroat, Rape Rps or humiliation games. So much for now! Hope you have discover something new, find this stuff interesting, I will update the topic some other time with more Frequently Asked Question.
  7. ''Well I'm always up for different rps with others in one on one, but lately I've been on the hunt for those who also enjoy gangbang type ideas. My favs being MMF, but sadly my luck just been awful I guess lol.'' I would not say that this was bad luck. It's not that easy...It seems, at least here in the forum ,quite many people wish to try out a threesome or even a gangbang. I can only speak from my experience here as an escort when I was. I had rarely come across good threesomes, almost mission impossible that threesomes turned out fun if there was no acquaintance, familiarity or friendship between them. If there was some acquaintance between other 2 partners or in the best case if we all 3 know each other..., then threesomes was amazing. Otherwise could be awkward, more stressful than fun, something to forget. While for gangbangs, I know for only 1 way. Porn production here. Some of them have or had quite many actors...although I don't know much more about it since I did not do movie..stuff. You can get into gangbangs also through escort by offers for ''private'' parties - group of friends.,.. although I had very rarely received such offers, 2 in a year...if one is willing to accept such offers, but okay both ways are may be nothing what some are looking for.
  8. Mondayy


    I see you have also your own room, I will come to visit it
  9. Don't bash the elves, Lord of The Rings is my favorite movie!
  10. Everyone has a different view. But otherwise no, people who are not able to talk about the real world, real life, which is often the fundamental basis for meaningful conversations, then they are uninteresting to me. And that's by me the crucial point how I choose my friends here...
  11. A person have pm me few days ago with a BBC tag name. After I have told him, that I'm not looking for sex, he said..no, no wait I have another avatar, a male one also. I asked him, why does he need 2 male avatars. And he said something like ''It's easier to start contacts with this one as with the ''normal''..one'' It's a porn game on the end, most of the people consider this game as only this, that's all what they are here for. I also see a lot of people with profiles ''NO real life...'' By this I think to myself..then what in the whole world do you think should catch my attention towards another person here if not getting to know the person behind the avatar? Cloned avatar? In game hairstyle..? or endless chit chat? If there gives nothing more to say as talking about the weather and 3xd world, there gives many who talk 1h and yet they don't say anything. Such conversations, contacts will be superficial, boring, meaningless at least to me. Also the company who runs 3DX, promote this game as a porn game. Also almost all development in the game is focused around new sex poses & fashion, surely this game has the potential to be far more as that, but I think it will also take a lot of desire and development in social aspects - direction ...from SexGameDevil if this game want to get much stronger social aspects, in the opposite case, this will always depend if some people are willing to go here beyond bbc...sex stuff only or not.
  12. i think there are currently active few escort clubs while typical brothels do not exist at the moment, or at least not that I would know of, even though they are certainly by far the best for escorts, at least they was for me when i played as an escort. From my experience you need to have a lot of time to spare or a lot of help or both together to be able to run an brothel or really interesting escort place. It is an in-game activity that requires organization, a lot of it, as well as reliance on others. Both can be very difficult on the end this is a video game and people are unreliable in a video game and that is something you can't afford if you want to run an escort place let alone brothel. Of course, also to get really quality escorts for your place, can be also very time consuming to find, many of them will just try out one or 2 nights and never again and so on....
  13. No I did not pay attention to such stuff, already the notion or idea that people make already own logotypes for a video game is for me something..huh, I will say it polite..we all have different ways of playing this game and no I don't use, I never ever used, I never wanted, I was never interested, I will never be interested to use or let alone to steal someone else logotype for a video game, it's literally an absurd claim to me and If I have take your LOGOTYPE I'm sorry....and now stop finally with your endless encyclopedias I won't respond anymore.
  14. One last time, I didn't pay attention to the author when I download the room file, same as you can't remember the author name from the object or room you downloaded last month,... same as you did not pay any attention to the author of your free computer wallpaper that you download it and use now or maybe did in the past. Mea Culpa, mea culpa, I apologize for all the inconvenience once again. I do not know what else or more do you want from me?! I won't apologize to you every day. This is my last attention which I give to this logo...I have much better things to do and to think about...end of the line for me, I won't even bother to respond to internet trolls.. as Ross, and in game gives even better options how to deal with them, enough.
  15. I am fully aware that I could replace every item from other authors with my own items and share the room in peace, even though I have no will, no desire to work on a room that I don't use anymore. Even though I'm deleting the asian looking lanterns in the room which I use now, and replacing them with my own maded, because I realized that they are from Anaganda. But regardless that this have couse me now a lot of work and time, I want to prevent any further possible problems, and i'm not overreacting I consider this as making sure I will have my peace. And no I did not wanted to steal your logo or whatever I didn't even know before who or what Anaganda means, is...but now I know....
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