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  1. An hour ago, I spotted by the news a story about a suicide of a young person who committed suicide because of cyber-bullying. It reminded me of this game in which can be also a lot of rude messages, as I sometimes also receive them. Generally in this game, in which feelings are involved, where many people use words (very quickly) as '' I love you, my love, my heart, my sweetheart...'' as meaningless fun,..with which they can hurt others. From my point of view, vast majority of what is called here ''drama'' comes precisely from inappropriate communication or misunderstanding.
  2. @Sage Stoner & Takisa Thank you both for the answers
  3. Is there any expiration date of Game-Time Code's? Can I buy a Game-Time Code today and use it, let's say in half a year, a year...?
  4. Mondayy


    Hmm, I agree it is related to the business itself, although this is not the couse of it as on other hand is sex a multi-billion industry itself. What I had in mind was, that naked wall paintings, naked frescos ...from the 14th century, naked pictures we see in castles today, are pornography of the time, but we do not censor them. Nude pictures from 16th, century are the Playboy of that time. Well not really as today Playboy and most of nudity is not comparable to historical nudity before the rise of specific branches of Christianity and other religions that view sex as sin, something bad or the ''necessary evil.'' We know that people before the rise of such beliefs had a very different attitude towards sexuality and the naked body as we can see all over the place, some hindu temples are full of what we would call today: pornographic, Pompeii, Italy was so full of erotic art...that the majority of art, statues..entire districts was hidden from the public for decades...people in the past did not consider naked body as something for shame, dangerous...and their religion was fundamentally interconnected with sexuality as we see in many gods as Aphrodite, Eros...while Playboy today serves a completely different purpose and there is nothing ''spiritual'' behind, is solely for profit making, so today nudity have of course can have very different meaning and purpose. And here we have today big problems, as you have write: '' We did not see the picture..so I or we can't say...'' No, no, no..what might be for you pornographic might be for me art and visa versa.Pornography is widely defined today as '' images intended to arousal the individual...'' Throughout history this has ben governed by monarchy, respectively. rule, the church..today ''nudity'' is regulated under freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Nevertheless, we still do not have today definition or clear lines what is ''obscene, pornographic..'' and what is art and this friction persists here, where each country, each company...make their own rules what they consider pornographic and what art. While for violence, I can't agree at all. How is that bloodsport called UFC or something...this should be censored!!! and on TV under NSFW and 18+ and even then...it would be too bizarre for me, to watch something like that and consider this: SPORT. But even 5 years old child can watch this on TV. Absurd. The Romans had called their gladiators: athlets! And and whole families watched on the tribunes battles to death and life...and father would said to his son'' See SON..maybe you will be lucky and stand one day down there, what a hero.'' Was a longer answer as this topic is somehow close to me and maybe not that simple.
  5. Mondayy

    Build 413

    @Xizl I know there are some authors of those poses playing this game...if you are one of the authors of the poses I mentioned..don't take it personally, just not my thing... as the game forums are full of significantly more useful and desirable poses, suggestions...as acrobatic sex stuff, for which I think almost no one uses..but don't take it to close to your heart...if you are the author..of some of those poses..just don't mind me 🤪
  6. Mondayy


    @Stacee @IKushiel Yes and of course religion is part of it, ( although I have to say that I am religious myself, though my beliefs does not contain sex as sin...) as all of our development and laws..comes through history and from the religious forms of government of the Middle Ages, the development of that time..although I also agree that pornography should not be accessible to children...but nevertheless, the naked body censorship itself can go to extremes on some media. For example Microsoft is known for its very strict censorship just about anything that already has a name ''nude,'' also Instagram, Twitter..which will censor even the greatest works of art as nsfw (not safe for work).They are these extremes and as if they have a grounded belief that naked body itself is something to censor.
  7. Mondayy

    Build 413

    I do like the new dance moves and hairstyles, even two or three poses I consider useful, certainly a lot more as acrobatic sex poses and other nonsense that developers consider very important to be available in the game.
  8. As the name of the topic.. do you know some quality good quality Erotica photography? Post it here! Some weeks ago I had come across a guy called Borisov Dmitry, check this:
  9. Mondayy


    Few days back I got censored on one of the social networks due to lack of ''adult content warning.'' I didn't experience it the first time, and this time I still can't get out of my head,...I assume because In my opinion was the picture highly artistic, I guess I have bring my rebellion against here🤪. Back to my point, i don't have in mind pornographic images, in fact I'm talking about nude art, and overall around ''nakedness'' it seems like we have a lot of problems as a 'global civilization.' We censor women's (bare) breasts very quickly, while each of us and absolutely every institution...have their own purely personal definitions and opinions what is art and what is pornography. Personally, I have a divided opinion about pornography, while it certainly helped in one way, ''sexual liberation,'' it is also a festival of clichés, elevating patriarchal beliefs to extremes,..I could go on which is also noticeable in this game, quite a few men behave as if they were coming from a cave or something, for quite some, porn movies are not fantasy made for the viewer but a documentary movie. Personally, I fully support eroticism, I think it's liberating, it can be incredible uplifting, inspirational...same as Mozart, while pornography is not. And here lies my problem, probably not just mine, where we as a culture seems to quickly equate a naked picture with pornography,..personally, I'm always surprised that you can get instantly censored by publishing a naked breast, while one can show pictures of violence, aggression,..shootings, all kind of violence and beatings as well as injuries..and hardly anyone will care about it. What do you think? Do you think we have an unhealthy attitude towards sexuality and nudity?
  10. This really looks very realistic, 😮 I wouldn't think it was made with 3DX World Editor, some of you can produce wonders, i will definitely come to visit your rooms if I see it open, congratulations again
  11. So 3dx parties will be now replaced with real nightlife, there are probably many wild parties ahead of you, enjoy this unforgettable time and happy birthday.
  12. From my point of view, It depends on what kind. Given that you have mention ''a church'' then you talk about Christianity. Some branches of Christianity are very open to sexuality and spirituality, which at the same time have a very long and deep history, while other branches are very closed to it. I think that people beliefs, customs, cultures...should be respected regardless of personal opinions or beliefs about it, I wouldn't ''represent'' all across the board in a porn game, not those which fundamentally refuse sexuality,.... Maybe you can make some temple(s) such as ''The Temple of Aphrodite'' or many other ancient temples which did connect sexuality with spirituality in a very open way. You can google ''sacred Prostitution, temple prostitution...'' and learn more about it if you don't know about such stuff.
  13. Artist Julie Bell: Artist: Wang Ming Yue
  14. Arist: Omar Ortiz: Artist: Pedro Albuquerque Artist: Stanislav Plutenko
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