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  1. I have to say that I have very rarely seen so far synchronized dancers in this game, I think on synchronized dancers, which number is greater of three. I saw one larger group about two or three weeks ago, I don't know what they were called, but they were remarkable!! I couldn’t stop watching them! I don't know how you do those bigger group synchronized dancing, but it looks very impressive, very entertaining! I will definitely come to visit your group if I ever spot your dancing group by room names!
  2. Personally, I haven’t had any problems yet, I was in the game two days ago and everything worked fine but now I can't connect anymore, maybe this matter will be settled soon
  3. Okay thank you, so they have technical problems...
  4. Does the game have technical problems? I tried to play the game but after log in, I get this;
  5. I see that the topic is expanded to a more broader behavior in game. For me personally, inappropriate behavior is here one of the major reasons that I usually drink my cappuccino and go offline. Many seem to equate a sex game or use it as an excuse or it represents for them a farewell from basic respect towards another person and behave as in the jungle. Many mimic here what they see in porn movies, humiliating / degrading,...they seem to understand this as a normal approach towards another...I sometimes wonder, do they also say to someone in a grocery store ''Hey nice ass, let's fuck.' Don't
  6. @MeiLing I agree, one can find very beautiful free rooms to download, otherwise not on topic I would be interested, but by far the most issues I have are possible complications with the public use of free downloaded rooms. For private use I would never buy a room. But with public use, some room designers can make problems, this has been done already before ''Patreon Donations,'' now that even money can be involved, it will get much worse from my point of view.
  7. Thank you for the link, although I know for this website. Personally, would rather buy as to make a good looking room(s) as I do not have the time, nor patience,...for the world editor, not everyone likes the world editor, personally I would much rather have the old, the first room editor. You can also avoid possible inconvenience with free downloaded items...i don't think i'm alone with that, there are probably quite a few people who would rather buy a well-maded room as to bother with the world editor...
  8. Is there already a website where you can buy high quality 3DX rooms? Correct me if I'm wrong..but with Patreon ''donations'' ''official'' sales of 3DX rooms have started? At least the intentions of such options are pretty clear or completely misleading, and the purpose of such options should be clarified. I had read at the same time, that advertising of selling a room is prohibited. But somehow all this makes no sense now, it’s like offering a chocolate but if someone taste it, punishment follows. How then am I to find out who is offering good looking rooms for sale? I mean..should I click on
  9. Thank you for this!! I will definitely save the video and watch it in peace tomorrow.....!
  10. What now? If I understand correctly, it is possible now to create a gallery with this. I mean a gallery room, with that ''Tamara Tool'' or ''world pic''. And the pictures in game..they will look like photos or will they be transformed into some tetris look or how to saaaaay 😅. Are the sizes of these images very large? I mean, hypothetically If I would add 10 of such pictures to a room, would I need then a computer from NASA to load the room or everything would work just fine with my normal pc?
  11. So,...I have come across a body artist, his name is: Duong Quoc Dinh, he is a Vietnamese body painter and here is what he do:
  12. Don't take "friendships" too serious here. Most of them are like ''facebook friends.'' Personally, I only talk to a small handful of people here, at least with those that I really chat beyond chit-chat...the number is below ten, even though I've been here for years. I can strongly recommend you that you have by ''friends'' here very high requirements if you really want to take something from here or have something that will stay in your memory. Don't make a mistake and waste your time with people here who give a shit about you.
  13. What?! Blaming and shaming the vicitim is your ''rational'' path. On the contrary. If people are unable to use the basic common sense, respect, courtesy...those should stay offline. And there are a lot of them in this game which amazes me quite a bit, as these are usually the people who are extremely vocal and go crazy if someone plays with them. In general, as far as I can tell quite some seems to think, because this is a sex game, they can say whatever they wish, behave,..as in a jungle.
  14. I prefer smaller to max. mid size rooms with the right atmosphere, where I had the most fun as big rooms with many people and a lot of trolling.., I had always avoid them, but it’s probably also about the individual’s way of playing thIs game, some have fun with big crowds. Generally for smaller and mid-size rooms is the currernt system by far the most inappropriate, as various roleplay rooms, thematic rooms, specific rooms...are always pushed down on the bottom, as the current system rewards quantity and those who play this game 24/7. I personally play this game in the evening and whenever I
  15. I agree that it is deceptive, the function on 3DX website to terminate the subscription is irrelevant and thus very misleading. Personally, I wouldn’t say this is done on purpose but through amateur management of this game, there is not much here that would indicate professionalism and responsibility of this game company, from this be careful here with your credit card. Personally, I used a credit card here at first but then I rather changed my business here, with buying a subscription with paysafecard. So to speak, I buy for myself a ''Gift Time Code'' which you can pay with paysafecard. You
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