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  1. Seems like all my friends list is gone at the moment. Hope they will solve the issue soon.
  2. ffan


    Same story for US Direct and EU Proxy: connection lost as soon as logged in. A server status indicator (look at Google's one) would be appreciated on the main login page I guess. Each time indeed wondering if it's a local or a server issue to deal with. You should also think to extend the active subscriptions time for a number of hours equal to the hours of server downtime. In the end we all are paying for our time on the servers. Well now, who knows what's going on this time?
  3. Looks like build 378 is online now
  4. Few things I have noticed on build 377 Male avi, personal room, you can add two virtual partners. When you add two Betty the threesome pose shows only one virtual partner. When you stop sex and remove the two Betty and try to add them again the game gives you the option to add only one virtual partner. If you exit and re-enter your room the game gives again the possibility to add two virtual partners. If you block someone and unblock he/she gets hided until you re-enter the room I've seen a ghost avatar in the beach room
  5. Sorry, wrong thread. I've moved my post to the Bug Tracker
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