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  1. Great idea, this would be awesome!
  2. am still here too It's not a habit, it's cool, I feel aliveIf you don't have it you're on the other sideI'm not an addict, maybe that's a lie K's choice - not an addict
  3. I will give you a tour if you want
  4. other than that, I am happy how fast the bugs were fixed this time, thumbs up!
  5. it would be nice to have stockings that match the length of those straps of the garter belt panties.
  6. Hello friends! Today I want to present an old build of mine: Talmberg Castle Talmberg Castle is based on the same-titled castle featured in the game Kingdom Come Deliverance, which itself is based on the Talmberk Castle in Czech Republic. I tried to recreate it as close to the "original" (the game one, the real one is a ruin now) given the limitations of the editor tools, the file size and most important: my skills. Back in the days when I built it, I tried to limit myself to a file size of 1 mb, to create rooms that are lag free for most users. This build has a file size of 1.16 mb and already ignored this limit, though. I have to admit that it got way worse with later builds. I tried to focus to create an inner yard with a nice medieval atmosphere here. The inner yard features a pig and chickens that were made by TomJM. Those who know the game will notice that the "original" didn't feature a smithy, but you just can't have a medieval build without a smithy, so I added one instead a storage barn. Not all rooms are useable, but ofc I had to add a bedroom and a big dining table. I also added a bathhouse for bathing and other enjoyable stuff, which is not shown here. For future visitors: there is also a hidden dungeon to discover! Thanks for watching Vero
  7. The lovesense toys were shared by the ones that did build the lovesense party room in this topic: If it is save to use them I cannot judge, but from my naive subjective point of view I would state that a topic with a .world file the devs wouldn't want to see to be used would be deleted in a moderated forum.
  8. Thanks a lot for all of your nice comments! Am still hoping for glossy wood textures without gaps
  9. and more pics of the Kinky Belle The cargo deck is still missing cargo as you can see, I will add some in the next port Lifeboats. Women and Vero first! The saloon on the bow of the passenger's deck is almost done! Also, for the first time for one of my builds, it will feature doors that can be walked through. The doors are 3d modelled and look like doors should, but have no collisions. p.s.: you can't walk through the handles, so don't hit for the middle. Greetings from the construction of the Kinky Belle!
  10. Hello friends! After years of building (literally) I decided it is time to present some of my creations to the community. This topic is meant as showcase for completed and work in progress builds, please have a look around Disclaimer: All presented builds are 100% made by me with the solely use of the 3dx room editor. No 3rd party tools were used. In the few cases of usage of content of other creators, it will be stated on the according presentation. The builds won't be shared or sold. I want to start with a teaser of my current build, the Kinky Belle, a Mississippi steamboat. This build was inspired by the game Red Dead Redemption 2 and is based on an actual ship, the 87m sidewheeler steamboat Robert E. Lee from 1866. More about this and my previous works will follow soon Cheers and happy building, Vero
  11. I gave it a shot and could load the room in editor and enter it as private room. But obviously I can't tell which version it is. I made a new save file, maybe you can access this one? 1512677389_NewManhattanFillers2021_05_03_xxx_clean_xxx_b.world
  12. try the client from that link: https://3dxchat.com/download.php?id=latestbuild (if it is still doesn't work it might be an issue with your antivirus or firewall)
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