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  1. many want this, just add a body tattoo layer that features freckles on body. Thumbs up!
  2. I support the idea to have a greater range of character individualization. It is very important for immersion. A body weight slider would definitely be a great addition, but I understand that it probably would require an adaption of clothes and poses. Moles on the other hand should be easy to implement as tattoo texture. If you add a saggy option for boobs, please make it a slider where you can chose between saggy and fake.
  3. great humor, love it! those came to my mind: silent local chat name made of "BBC", "no chat" and/or "DJ" fireworks! clipping walls
  4. Thank you for the example MeiLing, I did not know this works
  5. as far as I understood you want to build a underwater base below the water level? that wont work, as you can't build water-free compartments under the water level. A workaround would be to keep your build above water level and add a block structure with the water material on top of it.
  6. The server is running, you can check your connection using ColinDude's site: https://3dxchat-status.com/selftest
  7. There is a self-test to see if your system can access the 3dx server, found here: https://3dxchat-status.com/selftest This way you can check if it is a firewall or provider issue. Hope it helps!
  8. It might have been a server issue. If you still can't find others in public rooms, try this below:
  9. Did you place the portal on a flattened sphere object?
  10. Didn't know that, thanks
  11. This should usually fix it. I had one case in my builds were it didn't work and I had to replace the stairs to fix them.
  12. Just checked, saving works for me. Check if you actived "Controlled folder access" in windows, that would block the saving... (For windows 10, no idea about 11). If so you should get an error message saying something like "file not found" when trying to save.
  13. don't know if intentional or not, but the new stockings don't rip in the crotch anymore when having sex. if intentional they should be auto-removed like panties in a penetration pose.
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