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  1. Veronique


    but more power saves time!
  2. Veronique


    may the batteries be strong!
  3. you forgot the Clit option
  4. Veronique

    Build 413

    Can we please get a version of the latex dress / stockings that comes ripped? Should be easy to implement as it is already in the game I know that you can rip them yourself, but you would need to do that in every room you enter, and also people who enter later won't see it. So an equippable open crotch version would be nice.
  5. an command like /i which will then add ":" after the name would be cool for that, so the one rp'ing can chose which version to take. I personally wouldn't give it another color, to be able to switch between /me and /i (or what it would be) seamless. But, as things take time in 3dx, the best workaround for me would be to use a space and ":" with the /me to get something like this: /me : I'm on the phone Veronique : I'm on the phone
  6. incredible work, can't wait to visit your rooms
  7. it would be more useable and add more diversity if we could change the tattoo style for every body part on its own, like Ex suggested. e.g. having left arm style 1 and right arm style 3
  8. Veronique


    Your place was special, Bad. Not only because of the build, but also because of the host Thank you for hosting see you soon, kiss
  9. the slower and smoother camera movement in home editor of rochi's dll is the most important thing for builders... well, just add everything rochi's dll offers, as there are a lot of improvements.
  10. changing the eyebrow style did fix it. Thanks to MistressArela for the hint!
  11. Will the fix come with the next update or can you fix it in between?
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