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  1. Vero I followed your advice but it still doesn't work. It doesn't seem like it's possible to build something underwater whether it is the game's water or one made inside a cube. I included some screenshots to show you what I did: a glass dome just below sea level surrounded by an enormous cube with material "water". That's how it looks from within the dome...
  2. It was very clear from the start what you meant, but there's always the inevitable troll... I reacted in the same way: it shouldn't be too difficult to add an option to save clothing only/avatar only/both but I'm afraid it will have to be programmed to save with or without certain settings and same way the other way around if you load an avatar with or without clothing. For the moment this cannot be done.
  3. it should be perfectly programmable to save clothing without avatar settings, that way clothing files could be transferred by mail/discord etc to other users. There's no real problem except the fact it has to be programmed (save avatar only, clothing only, both)
  4. I think it's high time development enlarges the name chosing possibilities for the avatars. They are so limited (to numbers and chars now, even in the new beta) that people need to create the weirdest names to get in... Why not enlarge to some special characters and spaces to be able to have f.i. firstname_secondname which would open up many more "normal" naming possibilities like "Proud_Mary" or "Mac_the_Knife" ...
  5. ty MeiLing for your reply and yes, i moved the port deep underneath the dome, on the dome floor surface and slightly above but none work Veronique, I guess you're right, it doesn't work underwater. I tried to move my dome below the water surface with its entry point on it but that doesn't work either It's a real pity, guess it's a bug in the program because we can build waterproof constructions and sink them below the surface, so why not being able to access them ? I like your idea of putting a water block around my dome, but isn't that a bit far fetched ? :)
  6. Hi, I have built an underwater dome. When I try it with dome and port both above the waterline everthing works like a charm, when i lower the dome underneath water surface the port function doesn't make me land on the floor of my dome but keeps me swimming halfway. Is there a way to remedy? I tried different positions of the landing block, underneath the floor, on the floor, slightly above but always same result
  7. There's no conflict or hate, you're putting words in my mouth i never spoke. But if you go on the street and ask 10 women if they like anal sex, 9 will tell you they don't... that's all. Apart from that, as long as you don't fuck my ass, i don't give a damn
  8. There's very few women that actually like anal, it's a male fantasy supported by porn industry. So if you really want to chase away the few women that are still playing this game, just go on ...
  9. Yes there's a lack of emotions in the actual poses and the idea of having small variations in a pose where one of the partners can simply change (like hand position) is stuff that existed already in rlc, so why not here... That and the abilty to switch on or off the acceptance of a proposed pose would improve gameplay too, as would a decent alignment of poses: now you flip from one side of the bed to another when changing...
  10. Two things to Loruna: - We all agree real life comes first, so no worries Loruna about not being in virtual. I hope your rl situation will improve soon so we can see you happily hopping around in the virtual world too. Good luck to you ! - I hope the rejection of your pose(s) was substantiated, it is all too easy to reject people for no valid reason
  11. I don't really understand... updates where nice and regular at the beginning of the year, now it seems to slow down again with no communication from Gizmo or Lisa. Some stuff people hope for could be made very easily though, I've seen it on games that are mere pirate versions of this one, but at least they regularly add poses, face types, new dresses, eyebrows etc. to give the players some variety. Why can't this be done here? I'm playing this game for almost 4 yrs now and since the new editor, the game gets more boring by the day... dance rooms with hundreds of zombies that clearly only go there to get the music stream of a live dj, or terribly built fuck rooms where you get colded every 5 seconds..... BOOOORINGGG !!! And the last decent dress or bikini we got? mmmmmm, think it must date from 2018 :(
  12. Someone pointed out to me that we can follow the status of the game if ever we are in doubt... Here's the address: https://3dxchat-status.com/ Shows well offline
  13. Same here, seems we're experiencing yet another server problem... it couldn't have been more unfortunate, my only free day of the week
  14. For someone that says she'll check back at the end of 2021, your clock must also have a problem... it's tuesday 6/30/2020 now and you're checking back...
  15. No I don't need alts, I'm pretty happy with just one avatar, thank you. But there are times I just want to try out some clothing combinations or make-up stuff without being disturbed by friends. Having an option to accept or not would satify both of us, no ? So why would you be against it ?
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