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  1. Pls, one day without fucking issues....
  2. Thx also from me... Nice work and i hope this also for the future!
  3. Hey! Is there any date, that fixes that problems and can create and load the rooms? Greetings
  4. Server down again? i click on login, but nothing happens...
  5. Which goal? how far away is that goal? its a very, very precise statement...
  6. maybe one or the other should try with reality? Can say from personal experience that it can be very helpful! Draining with Danpf, I see too, just a shame that none of those who play this game sometimes takes a public stance and sometimes explains everything !? Server maintenance, which turns into an attack, which then, strangely enough, destroys the hard drive, is very in need of clarification. not to mention the picture I have of the current data center!
  7. I would like to stay with my topic in this thread! It doesn't get us any further if you post cute animals, or post music videos, or post senseless comments, just to increase the number of your posts in order to appear important! Between the 2nd and 3rd attacks, which create so much chaos that even hard drives say goodbye, was the worst time to play since I stayed in 3dx. So wait and see, and what's important, stick to the topic. Thank you!
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