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  1. There still login problem. Login very slow, no profile, no rooms, and all empty.
  2. Where devs found this "new" server, in a bag of potato chips??
  3. I think that Devs don't know the meaning of "communication". And also, they don't know the meaning of "respect for paying subscribers". My subscripion will end in some months, but, if this problems still persist, i will not renew for sure. I don't like to be fooled around.
  4. Yesterday same things happned to me too, this glitches after the update:
  5. I totaly agree with neilquinn. Devs are making fun of all us! No comunications and crashes every day. But they had no problem taking our money! Time is out now Devs! Lisa and Gizmo it's time to tell something to your PAYING users if you don't want a bleeding of users running away!
  6. Dear Devs, instead of banning with nosense ppl, why not to put auto censorship, changing words with ***, like in a lot of online games?
  7. Sever now spend more time down then online!
  8. Tonight is extremely slow!! 20 seconds for login, after 6 minutes still waiting for loading people in the room. We can't continue this way. Dear Devs we need comunications and answer, we are paying subscribers!!
  9. Queue everywhere, in shops, post office, restaurants. 3DX is also adapted with queue!
  10. I totaly agree. What Lisa suggest is a nosense. "A: Try using a VPN to enter the game" Why we need to use a vpn, even if free? (anyway free vpn are very limited). Also, not everyone know about vpn and how to use it. Why not simply fix the game and server issue??
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