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  1. the settings are the same as always, only these days he did so then he settles at the end of the weekend remains the bitter for the total lack of information, and a real disgust
  2. maybe everything is organized to make people escape so at the right moment they will tell us ... ok we close for lack of players continuing on this path I think that it does not take long for this to happen 🤔
  3. I have no idea how many times I've been disconnected in the last month but in the last 3 days I have counted and I have reached 100 disconnections 100 with that of a few minutes ago
  4. also to access the forum I have to request a new pass every time , all this is really crap
  5. I have never had a game with so many problems To these gentlemen who run the game I say that they must be ashamed I also say they are cowards , they don't even have the courage to tell us what the hell is going on i paid and i want to use 3dx until the last day and then i close
  6. my idea is that they are interested in numbers and not quality I would have preferred to pay the full price but have more service and a server to match I think the problem is that the more people connect, the more problems we have (my photo is correct and the same type as the others but it is not uploaded as it should)
  7. in terms of teasing here the developers I think are masters at doing it
  8. I am speechless with disgust do you want to put a piercing? do it without making a nipple look like a watermelon When do they finally bring really useful stuff instead of the usual use of the female character for each season?
  9. I fear there is no support my full name on 3DX was YenneferVengerberg ... now only YenneferVengerbe i wrote to gizmo and lisa on discord but i'm sure i don't get any response or assistance
  10. the game is beautiful , you can't say the same about the total silence of the person who runs the game who , as always , leaves us all without any information ... 😠
  11. maybe I'm drunk .. but I'm sure my name was YenneferVengerberg not YenneferVengerbe 💀 i only noticed this thing this morning
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